Start Menu Reviver Screenshot

Start Menu Reviver: a superior start menu for both Windows 8 and Windows 7

What if Microsoft had kept the start menu in Windows 8; what would it have looked like? In some ways ‘Start menu Reviver’, a Start Menu replacement for Windows 8 and Windows 7, seems like it was designed to answer that question. It provides the option for mouse or touchscreen use, and combines the Windows

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How to fix missing thumbnail previews for image files in Windows

This happened to me: I installed a new image-related freeware to test it, and all of my image thumbnail previews disappeared, to be replaced by icons. If this happens to you you know it can be quite frustrating, especially if you are unsure as to what might have caused it in the first place. The

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Pointofix: annotate your screen when giving presentations – easily and for free!

Whether you need to give presentations for business, education, or any other purpose; you know that the best presentations have a large performance or even theatrical component. And no matter how well prepared you are in advance, there is often the need to explain things on the fly, to outline points and figures, and do

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Enhance your Right Click Context Menu with Another 10 Great Utilities

If you’ve been following this site, you might know that we are big fans of the Windows right click context menu, and believe it to be one of the best (yet underrated) interface elements in Windows. We’ve published a series of articles around the theme: interesting functions in the Windows right click menu. In this

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How to create and share your own customized Chrome themes

Are you one of those folks that loves to customize the heck out of everything? From your custom cell phone cover to your airbrushed t-shirts and everything in between and beyond, there’s a way to customize just about anything these days. Browsers are no exception; Chrome, for instance, allows you to use any of a


Maximize windows into the free space between other open windows, with WinMaximumize

Imagine that you have multiple open Windows on your desktop screen, with a lot of empty space between them. Now imagine that you want to maximize one of them quickly so that it occupies all empty on-screen space up to and until it reaches the edge of the adjacent open window, and you have a

Launcher 4.0 Screenshot

Looking for a simple, practical launcher? Try Launchbar 4 for Windows

There’s nothing I like more than a good launcher, especially if it is based on an intuitive, practical concept. Which is why I like Launchbar 4. Launchbar is a free launcher for Windows that lets you start your favorite programs, files, and folders simply by right clicking any of the edges of your screen that

InternetOff Screenshot

Toggle the internet on and off from the system tray, with InternetOff

If you want to be able to turn the internet off (of on) quickly and easily then read on: InternetOff makes this a one-click affair, right from the Windows system tray. Why would you want to turn the internet on and off? The reasons are varied and many, for example, to prevent programs from calling

Filemind Screenshot

Filemind adds sophisticated filtering for files and folders

Windows Explorer is great, but could be a lot better. File filtering, for example, is not very intuitive and relies too much on the searchbox, and is not really built to easily allow re-filtering the filtered results. Filemind is a free file management program that enables you to find the files and folders you seek


Another ten unique, free utilities to SUPERCHARGE your right-click menu

We recently published an article entitled “Supercharge your right-click menu with these ten UNIQUE utilities”. If you enjoyed that one then we have good news: this article is the sequel, featuring another interesting tools that we hope you will like. Like the first article, what we are trying to do here is present interesting and

Perfgraph Screenshot1

Perfgraph: get a graphical representation of your CPU, Memory and other metrics, right on the desktop taskbar

If you’ve every wanted to see a graphical representation of your CPU usage, memory utilization, network utilization and other measures right on your desktop, then check out Perfgraph, a free software that can insert real-time representations of these into the Windows taskbar. Perfgraph runs within the Explorer.exe process and can monitor a number of things

Clover Screenshot

Get tabbed browsing in Windows with Clover

Great news for those who love tabs in the browser: you can now get tabs in Windows explorer as well. We recently mentioned TabExplorer, a free utility that superimposes tabs onto Windows 7. This time around we feature Clover, another free utility that adds tabs to Windows, and does it very well. Clover adds tabs