What I learned

What I learned after my recent site redesign

You may have noticed that Freewaregenius has had a new theme design for the last 10 days. We wanted a more ‘visual’ look and feel different from the typical blog themes, and were curious to find out how our readers would react and how such a change might affect the way people interact with the

Freewaregenius Blink Theme3

New theme design for Freewaregenius

As you can see all around, we’ve changed the design of the site. The reason: I wanted something simply cooler and more attractive, and something that can showcase the content that we put up in a better way. Although I liked our old theme, which was a slightly modified version of the Genesis News theme,I

Themefuse Giveaway (wide)

Free Giveaway: THEMEFUSE premium WordPress themes

If you use WordPress then here’s your chance to win three premium THEMEFUSE themes of your choice. This is the first WordPress theme giveaway on Freewaregenius and frankly we didn’t think WordPress themes were the best fit for the site and were a bit reluctant to publish it –- until we took a look at


The best anti comment spam solution for WordPress

This site, like most sites, has struggled with comment spam for a long time. We use the WordPress publishing platform and the most popular WordPress anti-spam plugin (Askimet) did not provide an adequate solution, and resulted in many spam comments making their way through as well as many false positives mistakenly relegated to the spam

ImageCodr feat

Easily embed Flickr images into web pages with ImageCodr

If you run a blog or website and would like to feature images from Flickrs – and let’s agree that Flickr happens to host one of the largest collections of excellent online photography, you may have found it to be somewhat of a hassle to perform all the steps needed, from checking the license to


Turn the images on your website into an interactive experience, with Taggstar

Taggstar is one of those great ideas that comes along every now and then, that is so simple and powerful that you wonder why no one else has come up with it before. Imagine taking the images on your web site (whether it’s a blog or other type of site, as long as there are


Create a local, development version of your WordPress site on your hard drive: a guide for the absolute beginner

If you have a WordPress site, you may have imagined how useful it would be to have a development version of your site running on your hard drive, that you could experiment a nd play with offline without having to modify your actual site.This post will describe one of the simplest ways that you could

Wow Slider Screenshot2

Create beautiful carousel slideshows with WOW Slider Free edition

WOW Slider is a free program that makes sliders or carousels for your non-commercial website. It features multiple templates, a simple point and click interface, and even a WordPress plugin. Available for Windows and for Mac, WOW Slider is one of the best ways to create great visuals for your personal web pages at no


Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is a true WYSIWYG blog authoring tool that can be used to write and edit blog postings (including pictures) locally and then post these online. It supports a wide range of blogging platforms including Windows Live Spaces, WordPress, and Blogger. Let me start by saying flat out that I am in love with