App For The Milk: very cool desktop client for “Remember the Milk”

Although I’m always interested in good, innovative desktop-based task management programs, I have recently come to the conclusion, now that I have an iPhone, that any task management software I use has to be cloud based, rather than desktop based, so I can access it from both my PC and my phone. Which is why


Collanos Workplace

Collanos Workplace is a free online collaboration software for teams with members working from different locations. It offers a suite of streamlined online tools, including virtual workspaces, file sharing, online group discussions, messaging, and a handful of virtual objects such as notes, shared URLs, and tasks. Here’s what you need to know about this program:

mp3tunes is a web service that allows you to store your music collection online and offers unlimited storage space for this, even for free accounts. It makes your music available for you to listen to or download from anywhere through the web interface. How it works: first, you create an account (called a ’locker’) with


Gmail Drive Shell Extension

Gmail Drive Shell Extension creates a virtual hard drive on your computer that uses your gmail account to store files and folders Very simply, this program creates a hard drive icon in “My Computer” that you can use to store files and folders that (behind the scenes) are actually uploaded as emails into your gmail