Clean up your app permissions for Facebook, Google, and other service in one place with MyPermissions

If you’ve installed an app, game, or extension for Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Flickr, or a slew of other web services, then you no doubt have granted said app permissions to do any number of things, such as access your contacts list, your email, post or send email on your behalf, to name a few. Most


Open multiple websites using a single URL with

With Krunch, you can create custom URLs that will open multiple web sites. For example, you can use a Krunch URL that might look like ‘Krunch.Us/freeware’ to open all of your favorite freeware sites. can serve as a creative alternative bookmarking tool. You could use your own custom URLs to distribute collections of sites


OhLife is a free online journaling software designed to motivate and keep you on track

Have you ever tried keeping a journal? It’s a nice idea, but most folks who give it a try usually wind up dropping it after a while. Like everything worthwhile, sticking with it is not easy, and that’s where OhLife can help. OhLife is a free online journaling program designed to motivate you and keep


Stream videos from your desktop to your iOS or Android device wirelessly with Air Playit

Air Playit is a handy little free program that allows you to stream videos and music from your home computer to your Android or iOS mobile device. It features such smart options as on-the-fly conversion, support for multiple file formats, and built-in HTTP support, along with support for Apple’s proprietary TV-Out system. As it progresses

Wunderkit is a free, comprehensive task management and project collaboration platform

Wunderkit Beta is a free browser-based organizational and networking tool. Otherwise known as a ‘productivity platform’ it combines organizational essentials like task lists and project management tools with networking functions to give you a well-rounded solution for your needs, whether they are business or personal. You may have read about Wunderkit’s sister project previously on

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Annotate and share the web with, a “yellow highlighter pen for the web”

Imagine that you just read something on a webpage that you like and that you would like to highlight and keep, or even share with others. With you could simply highlight the content on the page in bright fluorescent yellow, as you would a real marker, and get a shortened URL when you are


Hojoki: create a “river of news” type stream to keep track of cloud files and information

With the proliferation of cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Docs, as well as social networking sites like Twitter to broadcast and share information, those who work in teams or collaborative settings might find themselves struggling to keep up with all changes that their teams might make (e.g. updates on important documents somewhere in


Back up PCs to each other via the Internet using CrashPlan Personal

If you are a computer enthusiast, then it is very likely you have more than one computer at your home. You also are likely to have quite a bit of data stored on your computer which hasn’t seen an external drive or other backup location in quite some time, if ever. You are likely to


Fav-Links: a thumbnail-based internet bookmark manager

Despite the proliferation of bowsers, social bookmarking sites, and Instapaper-type services, or perhaps because of it, bookmarking websites is sometimes a rather complex, fragmented process. I frequently get emails from people wanting a good ‘bookmarks manager’, and if that describes you and you are looking for such a program then check out Fav-Links, a free,

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Manage multiple online storage accounts from one place with Otixo

Do you have files on multiple cloud storage accounts (e.g. multiple Dropbox accounts,, Google Documents, Picasa, even FTP and others) that you would like to manage from a single interface? If so, this service is for you. Otixo is a free online service that will connect with multiple cloud storage accounts and present them