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Annotate and share the web with, a “yellow highlighter pen for the web”

Imagine that you just read something on a webpage that you like and that you would like to highlight and keep, or even share with others. With you could simply highlight the content on the page in bright fluorescent yellow, as you would a real marker, and get a shortened URL when you are


Monitor your child’s Facebook activity with Minor Monitor

Minor Monitor is a free website that helps you monitor your child’s Facebook activity. Specifically designed to monitor Facebook accounts, Minor Monitor is loaded with tons of different options to keep track of your child’s Facebook activity. There’s nothing to install on your computer, and you can use the website to monitor your child while


PowerInbox enhances your Facebook, Twitter, and Groupon emails

Powerinbox is a free program that enhances your web-based email. It adds more functionality for emails from Facebook, Twitter and Groupon by allowing you to interact with those emails in new ways, such as the ability to respond to email notices, watch videos, or comment on photos right from your inbox without having to head

MultiMi Overview

View your social networks, email and media in one program: AVG MultiMi Beta

As if we can’t get enough of social networking in general; i.e. having every moment of our lives commented on and “liked,” a new application has come to us promising to help reign in all those social networks and media sites into one smooth interface. Currently in beta but promising to be free, AVG’s MultiMi

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Ten lesser known ‘must-play’ Facebook games

Facebook gaming is all the rage these days, partly because these games are often really good, and partly because you can play with your friends and spam people share your achievements, etc. And while there are some very well known games out there such as CityVille and Empires & Allies; in Facebook as in life, it is


Explore And Converse On Your Favorite Subjects With Subjot

When Facebook announced that it would push the new Timeline format on all its users eventually, some of my friends began to wonder if they will continue using it. Add to that the constant annoyances of Facebook games posting on my wall asking me to water some virtual crops and the Kip Drordys and all


Protect Your Children Online with Qustodio

In today’s modern economy, no one wants to spend a dime more than they have to, and this is doubly true for those of us supporting a family. I have two children myself, and protecting them is the highest priority. Today’s average teenager has somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 or more social networking contacts,


Facebook gets a new face – developers to unleash new “Timeline” format on users

Facebook has, in development, a new format for it’s users. We got a sneak peek at the new “Timeline” format that Facebook will take in the future. Gone will be the central column of posts from yourself and others that you like. Gone will be the list of your friends on the left. Even the


Pokki: put Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and other web services right in your Windows taskbar

You do not need a crystal ball to foresee that Facebook, Twitter, your friends, your contacts, your email, your news sources, all of these (and others) are going to become permanent fixtures on your PC’s desktop (and your tablet, and your smartphone, etc.) But why wait? Pokki is free Windows software that can do this


Seesmic Look – A Polished, Functional Twitter Client

Seesmic Look is the first Twitter client I’ve used and I have to say it simplifies a whole lot over Twitter. Seesmic Look’s best feature isn’t just something that would come with any client though, it looks very polished and presents information in a visually appealing way. Designed to match the graphics of Windows 7,