Is rampant cheating destroying Facebook gaming?

Cheating on Facebook games is a hard subject to tackle because it takes several forms, from the more ‘acceptable’ form of creating several accounts (which is not the one we are concerned about here) to the proliferation of ‘cheat engines’ that mostly operate locally, on the user’s individual machine. These are designed to change variables


Send large files up to 1 GIG on FACEBOOK, with ‘PIPE’

Pipe is a free Facebook app that lets you send or receive large files up to 1 GIG in size from other Facebook users that use the app, a perfect tool to send large media files to your Facebook community of you grandma, for example, who is not really sure what the difference is between


Make your own ‘Hitler’ video, with this great free tool

The makers of the movie ‘downfall’ probably never could have predicted that a scene from their movie  would become a global internet meme, but it has, and has probably become the biggest influence on how a generation of young people across the globe conceive of Hitler and the Nazis. I’d ask you if you’ve ever

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Share and shoot the world with Shutterguides.com

Shutterguides.com allows you to make “photo guides” for locations you are an ‘expert’ on or even just a place you know well and want to share, and it also allows you to find new places to explore and shoot with your own equipment. And albeit fairly new to the scene, Shutterguides.com offers a slick and professional site for users

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Share PowerPoint presentations on Facebook with the authorSTREAM Facebook app

You’ve posted links, embedded videos, and shared image galleries on your Facebook timeline; now it’s time to give the PowerPoint presentation it’s due as an avenue of human expression, and post those presentations which have hitherto been confined to mass emails to your Facebook timeline. You can do this easily with the FREE authorSTREAM Facebook

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Three sites that seek to cultivate your OPINIONS and convert them to user generated content

Opinions – everyone has them. And although they  have somewhat of a negative connotation on the internet, where they can be easily conflated with ‘facts’, having ‘something to say’ largely means marrying educated opinions with facts. Opinion is the new black, apparently, which is why it is not surprising to see a slew of new

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Hunch wants to be your all-in-one recommendation engine for everything

By now we’re used to music discovery and recommendation engines, but what if I told you that there’s a site that learns your tastes and makes recommendations on everything: music, movies, books, websites, restaurants, and everything else. Two interesting things are: (1) that the items in the Hunch database are submitted by the users themselves,


‘Social Media Image Maker’ makes it easy to create profile and cover images for Facebook and other social networks

Facebook cover photos (i.e. the large image that you open a Facebook profile) have become popular lately. If you’ve tried to add one you know that they have to be of specific sizes for the cover photos to look good. And if you try to make one yourself, you will realize that its not as

Groupnotes screenshot1 - creating a note

Groupnotes lets you annotate any web page and have on-the-spot conversations with collaborators

Groupnotes is a cross between a web clipper and social-media style note taking app. It will let you have a conversation with your team right on top of any webpage, which can be useful in all manner of collaborations such as web design or research projects, etc. You can create notes by highlighting text and


‘Status Snapper’ provides a quick way to ANONYMOUSLY share Facebook Statuses

Ever come across a Facebook status (a.k.a a post with the discussion underneath) that you wished you could share publicly on the internet, while preserving the anonymity of the people who liked it and/or left comments underneath? If so, then ‘Status Snapper’, a free Chrome extension, can provide a quick and easy way to capture