Google SEO Auditor

‘SEO Auditor’: new Google tool helps you boost your site search ranking

You may have heard about a number of Google products being discontinued recently (Google Reader, Google Alerts); the good news, however, is that Google is releasing a number of new services including the Evernote-beating ‘Google Keep’ and now ‘Google SEO Auditor’, due to be released on May 27th. ‘Google SEO Auditor’ is unusual in that


Why does Google hate this site?

Something happened the weekend before thanksgiving, Nov 17; a Google algorithm change of some sort that once again took away about a third of our search traffic (it was reported here). This comes on the heels of a first ‘Panda update’ at the end of June which took a third of our search traffic then,

Beligirent Panda screenshot

Google’s belligerent Panda: how Google’s algorithm updates hurt small sites and give others an unfair advantage

Google’s last Panda 3.8 update which happened in late June 2012 took away two thirds of my traffic, reducing my readership to the same level it was more than 18 months ago, and making the site essentially unsustainable, a personal cash drain that cannot be maintained in the long run. Mind you, it is not


Free Monitor for Google

Free Monitor for Google is a small app that checks the natural search rankings of a URL (or multiple URLs) in Google for a list of user-defined keywords. For each keyword it can show a reference list of the top Google site results.Here’s what you need to know about this program: This program will try