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Three great ways to find free eBooks online

Do you love to read but hate to pay high prices for your printed entertainment? You’re not alone. Over the last few years there has been an absolute explosion of e-books on the Internet and on mobile devices and the best news about this is that a great many of them are absolutely free! That’s

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Share and view large documents online, with Jumpshare

Want to share large files? Want to share large files without requiring the recipient to be online, necessarily? Want to share large files without having to register or create an account? If so, check out this free service. Jumpshare allows you to share large documents up to 100 megs (and 2 gigs in total) through

YouTube Videos Near Me2

Find YouTube videos that were shot near you, with “YouTube Videos Near Me”

Wonderful videos are being shot and uploaded in fabulous places by fabulous people all over the world at this very minute, but what about your very own city or neighborhood? The next viral might be being shot right down your street. Or not. Either way, “YouTube Videos Near Me” will conveniently display videos near you

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MapFrappe provides a quick way to compare country sizes using Google maps

What is the size of Iraq compared to that of, say, Texas? They’re about the same, with Texas being slightly bigger. I know because I did a quick comparison using Mapfrappe, which you can see by clicking this link (scroll down a little bit, to see Iraq superimposed on top of Texas). MapFrappe is a free online

Sync PC folders with Android

How to automatically sync your PC folders with your Android

Ever wished you could keep a folder on your PC synced up with you Android? I have an active folder on my PC where I save my favorite songs that I always listen to, and I would like any MP3s I add to it to also appear on my Android. Or for example you might


Create Stylish Resumes Online with Resumup

We said this before and we say it again; if you are looking for a job, one of the most important things for any employer is your resume. Previously we covered a tool, Resumesimo that helps you create visually appealing resumes for your work. This time around we take a look at Resump. Resumup is


Manage Facebook Photos on your iPhone or iPad with Facebook Camera App

Recently, Facebook revamped its iOS app completely, and they have now released an app that allows users to manage their photos in a better way right on the iOS device. Facebook Camera is an amazing free app to share images on Facebook, comment on them, add effects and more. It runs on the iPhone 3GS


How to Enable Two Step Verification for Dropbox

‘Two step verification’ is a really useful feature for securing your online accounts, which adds an improved verification process to protect your account from unauthorized use. Dropbox recently introduced two step verification to help its users secure their data. This post will show you how to activate it for your account.


Three must-have tools to enhance your Facebook experience!

Facebook is the second most visited web site on the planet (after Google), so we are always on the lookout for ways to enhance or improve your Facebook experience. This post will present three new FREE Chrome extensions that are both fun and useful. If you ever wanted to be able to ‘dis-like’ something on


Customize Your Facebook Background With Facebook Background Changer

Tired of the same old Facebook look? Well here is your chance to give it a more personalized feel by using the Facebook Background Changer! You can add pictures from your computer or just use the URL of a picture uploaded anywhere on the internet to use as your Facebook background. ‘Facebook Background Changer’ is