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How to download videos from Hulu: a step by step guide (updated)

Here’s a step by step guide to downloading videos from Hulu using free software Freemake Video Downloader. This post updated Oct 23rd 2012. Note that while other tools were mentioned in previous versions of this article (e.g. Streamtransport), Hulu had changed their encryption since, and at the time of writing this article Freemake Video Downloader

Expand your online social experience with PalRelay

PalRelay is a great new way to keep up with what’s going on in the most popular social media sites on the web, specifically tailored to the content you are currently browsing. It sits in the bottom of your browser as an unobtrusive little bar, silent and grey until it finds something relevant to tell

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Share a canvas with collaborators around the world, with CanvasDropr

Ever had a project you wanted to collaborate on with people on the other side of the country, or even the world? There are a few decent free programs out there to do this but CanvasDropr offers a whole new, visual method to do it that, while currently in Beta, is already shaping up to

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Take control of your (non-SPAM) ad-mail and roll it into one daily digest, with Swizzle

Ever been overwhelmed by all the products that come into your email account because you signed up for something or other? Now, I’m not talking about spam, I’m talking about emails that you get about products that you actually like and/or want. For example, if you get notified about all the different games you have


Clip and save web pages to Dropbox, Google Drive or Box with CleanSave for Chrome

If you’ve ever wanted to save an article or webpage (for example for reference, sharing, or later use) then check out Cloudsave, a Chrome extension that lets you convert any web page to PDF or DOC, optionally add a note to it, and then save it. But what’s more, Cleansave can clean your webpage from

Create and share electronic books for free with BookType and Booki

There are tons of free eBooks out on the Internet these days and if you’ve ever wanted to produce your own free eBook there is more than one good way to do so. Booktype is a prime example that features a slick, well-thought out interface, a connection to a great community of like-minded individuals, and

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Browse the ‘shelves of the net’ with Bookflavor

Do you ever miss the days when getting a new book meant going to a book store and wandering between the aisles, browsing and perusing the latest works from your favorite authors? Even though I love the age of ebooks, I do still sometimes miss those days. Well, Bookflavor is a way we can get


Turn the images on your website into an interactive experience, with Taggstar

Taggstar is one of those great ideas that comes along every now and then, that is so simple and powerful that you wonder why no one else has come up with it before. Imagine taking the images on your web site (whether it’s a blog or other type of site, as long as there are


Connect to Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, SugarSync, Box and FTP from a single desktop client, with CarotDav

How about a single, small desktop app that upload and download files from your Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, SugarSync, Box and FTP accounts? If this sounds sweet, then check out CarotDav, a FREE, all-in-one desktop client that connects to all these services, and allows for uploading and downloading of cloud files via drag and drop,

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Kamuze: a new site for social conversations on music, movies, and TV shows

Do you often post your thoughts and opinions about television, movies and music on your Facebook page? Is your Facebook timeline crowded with these opinions and posts? If so, Kamuze may be for you. Kamuze is a fairly new social media site that is set up like an extremely basic Facebook. As with most social

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Transfer your files across many online services, with ‘Pipe’

We all use online services to all sorts of files. Sites like Facebook and Flickr for images and sites like SkyDrive and DropBox for all types of  files, and so on. Sometimes, however, you might need to transfer files between these services; for example, to transfer a document from your SkyDrive account to your Box