Find Twitter Users Worth Following, with ‘Discovr People’ for iOS

Twitter is one of the most popular micro blogging service on the internet right now, and for those of us who would like to follow relevant and interesting people (that we do not yet know about) there is a discover section on Twitter that suggests people to follow based on categories and regions and the


Upload Images via copy and paste, with Snaggy

There are many services to upload images to the internet, but none are as easy and simple as Snaggy, a very web useful application that allows users to capture the screenshot by copying it to the clipboard on a PC then paste it directly to the web to upload it. It then provides a URL


Clip and Share Specific Content From The Internet with Pluck for Chrome

If you share content on Facebook and Twitter, then we have good news for you. Imagine if instead of sharing entire web page you could simply share precisely that paragraph or photo or video or whatever you want without worrying about other elements such as ads or navigation or what-have-you. Pluck is a free Chrome


Learn to play guitar for free with Instinct

Ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but don’t have the time, money or patience to get a professional to come to your place to teach you? Well now you can solve those issues with Instinct, a brand new way to learn how to play, and it’s totally free! Most of us have,


The best anti comment spam solution for WordPress

This site, like most sites, has struggled with comment spam for a long time. We use the WordPress publishing platform and the most popular WordPress anti-spam plugin (Askimet) did not provide an adequate solution, and resulted in many spam comments making their way through as well as many false positives mistakenly relegated to the spam

Good Noows - Blog Blocks Style-thumb

Read RSS feeds in a wide range of AWESOME layouts, with Good Noows

RSS subscriptions are a great way to catch up with all the different sites and blogs that you like to follow. If you are looking for a great way to aggregate and read your feeds in a single place then check out Good Noows, which offers multiple reading layouts to choose from, such as Twitter

ebook glue screenshot1

Convert web pages to MOBI or ePub ebooks with ‘Ebook Glue’

If you’ve got an ebook reader, such as a Kindle, you might be happy to know that you could convert a favorite website (or websites) into a MOBI or EPUB ebook at the press of a button, and read them at your leisure without being online in a nice, ebook-friendly formatting without ads or extraneous

Explore the solar system for free with ‘3D Solar System Web’

Are you a student or just a fan of Astronomy? Want to learn more about our solar system but can’t afford to build your own space faring vessel? 3D Solar System will come to your rescue as a valuable and fun resource to learn and reference data on our local solar system in a gorgeous

Convert your 2D photos to stereographic 3D for free!

Remember those old 3D movies like Jaws 3D? Want to make some of your pictures into 3D in the same manner? 3D Pic Converter is the answer and it’s supremely easy to use. Best of all, as always, it costs nothing! There’s been a rather large influx of 3D tech in the news and in

Add Tilt-Shift effects to your photographs for free, with ‘Tilt-Shift Maker’

Do you enjoy experimenting with photo filters and editing? Tilt-Shift Maker is a great, free online service that produces some absolutely wonderful looking photographs based on your input. It’s loaded with options but it is also easy to use and the end results can really be kind of mind-blowing. Tilt-Shift style photos are, essentially, photographs

Amazon wishlist extension

Make your holiday shopping easy with ‘Add To Amazon Wish List’ Chrome extension

Do you like to shop online, or intend to do a lot of your holiday shopping online? If so, you may be one of the tons of people who are using Amazon’s famous wish list function, and there’s a handy Chrome extension that will make your shopping even easier! Best of all, of course, it’s


Convert your photos and images to pop art with Pop Art Studio Online

Do you enjoy creating your own works of art? Do you like the Pop Art movement? If you said yes to these questions then Pop Art Studio Online could be for you. It allows you to take any ordinary photograph or other image file and instantly and easily convert it to a ‘pop art’ version