Voice Ace ScreenShot00305

Voice Ace surfs the web at your voice command for free (Chrome)

Do you ever wish you could talk to your computer like Star Trek and have it do what you want? While the programming and other considerations for that kind of advancement is still in the future, you can actually do an awful lot through voice recognition these days, and it’s not like it was in

SoundGecko Feat

‘Listen’ to print articles and RSS feeds on-the-go as MP3 podcasts, with SoundGecko

Do you like reading articles but just don’t have the time? Would it be more convenient to LISTEN to the many articles you want to read as podcasts on your daily commute? That’s where modern technology comes in to bring us programs like SoundGecko. No, it’s not a program to insure your MP3 files, it’s

CloudKafe supported services

CloudKafe connects to and manages all your cloud accounts from a single place

Do you have so many different online storage accounts it’s hard to remember what you uploaded where? Well worry no more on that score, CloudKafe can help you keep all your cloud storage accounts connected and easy to sort through in one location. It supports Dropbox, SkyDrive, SugarSync, Box, CX, and Google Drive, as well

Iconify ScreenShot00265

Create image portfolios and share them as mobile apps, with ‘Iconify’

Are you a photographer or visual artist and want to make a footprint online with your work? Do you want your work to ‘go viral’ and spread across the social media sites? If either of these questions is a remote version of ‘yes’ then you may be very interested in taking a look at Iconify,

Chime notifications screenshot

Get notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and others in a single stream, with Chime for Chrome

We all have accounts on multiple online services like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc, all of which can send alerts and notifications. If getting a handle on all of these is getting a bit too labor intensive then check out ‘Chime’, a very handy extension for Chrome that allows users to receive notifications from multiple online

Nexus Chess Online

Play timed, multiplayer CHESS with ‘Nexus Chess Online’ for Android

The 800 or so year old game of chess is modernizing with the times. You can now play chess against enthusiastic opponents anywhere in the world. With Nexus Chess Online, a FREE, ad-free app for Android you can find and play with random opponents in real time. It is also available as a web app,


Add Quotations and Captions to your iPhone Photos, with Quipio

You might have come across inspirational quotations captioned on photos on Facebook and Twitter. One way to add them to your photos is obviously using a photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, but that’s probably a deal breaker right there for most of us who don’t use photo editing software. Instead, you could use Quipio,


Three tools to manage permissions and settings for all of your online accounts

You’ve signed up with Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Dropbox, Pinterest, Stumble, Foursquare, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, etc. (and multiple times for some). You’ve also granted many third party services at least some sort of access to these, and, let’s face it: you’ve forgotten about most of them, and you’re probably NOT going into each and every

CanIStreamIt ScreenShot00192

Find movies and shows you can stream, with ‘CanIStreamIt’

These days, you can watch all sorts of TV shows and movies online, legally, and on demand. If you’re looking to find a particular show or movie but don’t know where to start, then check out ‘CanIStreamIt’. ‘CanIStreamIt’ is a free service that will search and find streaming movies and TV shows across multiple media


Find out Which iPhone Apps Have Access to Your Accounts, with ‘Permissions’ [iOS]

Many apps require permissions to access you social media accounts and data, and it is common practice to grant third party applications access to your Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and other accounts so they could post updates, upload files etc. So many, in fact, that we don’t even remember how many apps can access our accounts


‘Speek’ makes making free conference calls a breeze

Do you ever need to make conference calls? Do you ever feel intimidated or inconvenienced by an annoyingly complex process to set the call up? If so, you may want to check out Speek, a free web-based service that is very easy to use, and that will allow you to simplify and enhance your conference