Open multiple websites using a single URL with

With Krunch, you can create custom URLs that will open multiple web sites. For example, you can use a Krunch URL that might look like ‘Krunch.Us/freeware’ to open all of your favorite freeware sites. can serve as a creative alternative bookmarking tool. You could use your own custom URLs to distribute collections of sites


Test drive GhostEdit, a new standalone WYSIWYG rich text editor, before it goes public

GhostEdit is a brand new WYSIWYG editor focused on usability. Currently in private Beta, it will support most popular browsers like Chrome and Safari, Firefox and IE. GhostEdit features some familiar editing tools, as well as context sensitive buttons for the various controls. What is a WYSIWYG editor and why would you need one? WYSIWYG


Insert your face into ‘interesting’ and funny photos with Photofunia

Photofunia is a free online service that can embed any photo within a number of image templates. It provides a very wide range of interesting images to choose from, and offers the option to apply a handful of effects to the resulting image. Photofunia can run on mobile devices, with ad-supported apps for Android, iPhone


Create your own web magazine in minutes with

Have you ever thought about starting a blog about a subject that interests you? A lot of people like the idea in theory, but writing posts regularly is not easy to keep up. What if instead you could write the occasional opinion piece and simply add related articles from other sites and blogs to your

Berta Websites Showcase

Build, customize and maintain your web site with Berta: a free, open-source CMS loaded with options

Berta is a great, open source web building application, also called a CMS (Content Management System). It costs nothing, is loaded with features and options, and is very user friendly. The pages you build with Berta can be used on pretty much any domain, and unlike some other ‘free’ CMS apps, they do not require


Express yourself in newsprint with “Newspaper Clipping Generator”

Ever wanted to create fake newspaper clippings that delivered a certain message or showcased certain points of view? I didn’t think so either; however, if you are looking for a fun, humorous way to say something, try “Newspaper Clipping Generator”, a free web app that lets you create fake newspaper clippings like the one shown


OhLife is a free online journaling software designed to motivate and keep you on track

Have you ever tried keeping a journal? It’s a nice idea, but most folks who give it a try usually wind up dropping it after a while. Like everything worthwhile, sticking with it is not easy, and that’s where OhLife can help. OhLife is a free online journaling program designed to motivate you and keep


Stream videos from your desktop to your iOS or Android device wirelessly with Air Playit

Air Playit is a handy little free program that allows you to stream videos and music from your home computer to your Android or iOS mobile device. It features such smart options as on-the-fly conversion, support for multiple file formats, and built-in HTTP support, along with support for Apple’s proprietary TV-Out system. As it progresses

FollowUpEmail Screenshot2

Schedule email reminders precisely when you want them with FollowUpThen

Do you frequently send yourself email reminders about things to do or want to be reminded of? Most people do, but wouldn’t be even better if these emails could be scheduled to arrive right at the moment that you need them? Or imagine how great it would be if your follow up emails would be

Google Image Search by Drawing Screenshot1

Draw a picture and find similar images via reverse Google image search with “unoffical Google Image Search by Drawing”

If you’ve every had a picture in mind and wished that you could find a similar image on the web, then check out the aptly titled “unoffical Google Image Search by Drawing”. This free tool lets you simply draw a very rough picture of the visual you are looking for and performs a reverse image

Wunderkit is a free, comprehensive task management and project collaboration platform

Wunderkit Beta is a free browser-based organizational and networking tool. Otherwise known as a ‘productivity platform’ it combines organizational essentials like task lists and project management tools with networking functions to give you a well-rounded solution for your needs, whether they are business or personal. You may have read about Wunderkit’s sister project previously on