EntourageBox: allow friends to upload files straight into your Dropbox

There are dozens of file sharing sites that let you upload and share very large files, but why not cut out the middleman and have your friends upload straight to your Dropbox, Google Drive, or other cloud storage services? This, simply, is what free service EntourageBox is all about. Why use EntourageBox rather than share

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Share PowerPoint presentations on Facebook with the authorSTREAM Facebook app

You’ve posted links, embedded videos, and shared image galleries on your Facebook timeline; now it’s time to give the PowerPoint presentation it’s due as an avenue of human expression, and post those presentations which have hitherto been confined to mass emails to your Facebook timeline. You can do this easily with the FREE authorSTREAM Facebook

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New theme design for Freewaregenius

As you can see all around, we’ve changed the design of the site. The reason: I wanted something simply cooler and more attractive, and something that can showcase the content that we put up in a better way. Although I liked our old theme, which was a slightly modified version of the Genesis News theme,I

Themefuse Giveaway (wide)

Free Giveaway: THEMEFUSE premium WordPress themes

If you use WordPress then here’s your chance to win three premium THEMEFUSE themes of your choice. This is the first WordPress theme giveaway on Freewaregenius and frankly we didn’t think WordPress themes were the best fit for the site and were a bit reluctant to publish it –- until we took a look at

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Jolidrive is an all-in-one aggregator for all your Cloud accounts

Now that you have accounts on Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Flickr, SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram etc. etc., you may be feeling that your files, videos, and pictures that you’ve uploaded are too scattered and out of control. Wouldn’t it be great if you could access everything from a single screen, have it all in one

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Three FREE alternatives to ‘Google Alerts’

Imagine if you got an email every time the name of your business, brand, your own name, or a keyword or phrase you were interested in were mentioned on the internet, and you have a pretty good idea what an email alert is. While Google has not discontinued ‘Google Alerts’ yet, there is a lot

Google SEO Auditor

‘SEO Auditor’: new Google tool helps you boost your site search ranking

You may have heard about a number of Google products being discontinued recently (Google Reader, Google Alerts); the good news, however, is that Google is releasing a number of new services including the Evernote-beating ‘Google Keep’ and now ‘Google SEO Auditor’, due to be released on May 27th. ‘Google SEO Auditor’ is unusual in that

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Zools: new cloud storage service offers 100 gig FREE for the first million sign-ups

Proof that free free cloud backup large enough for all of your files will soon become a reality, new Dropbox-like cloud storage service ‘Zools’ is offering the first 1 million users 100 gigs of cloud storage space, absolutely free. The service is not yet operational, but you can reserve your place in line by following


Learn to make games with ‘Construct 2’– Free online course offered Apr 6–27

The way things are headed, it may be that making games will one day become as central to kids’ education as reading, writing and math. Or not — but if you’ve always fancied making games yet can’t see yourself learning to code, you may want to consider using a game creation engine like Construct2 (which

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Three sites that seek to cultivate your OPINIONS and convert them to user generated content

Opinions – everyone has them. And although they  have somewhat of a negative connotation on the internet, where they can be easily conflated with ‘facts’, having ‘something to say’ largely means marrying educated opinions with facts. Opinion is the new black, apparently, which is why it is not surprising to see a slew of new

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Teach children basic programming concepts, with RoboMind

Give kids a playful environment that they can interact with freely, and a cute Robot that they can control via simple instructions, and … just like that, they will start learning basic programming concepts and logic. This, at least, is what RoboMind is designed to do; and it works; I’ve seen it first hand, demonstrated