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Access a world of Torrent content packaged in a streamlined, secure user experience with Tribler

Tribler is a free desktop video sharing app for Windows, Mac, and Linux that is a sort of combination of a video player, torrent client, and a content searching and indexing engine designed to identify a user’s interests and recommend content. Tribler is perfect for those who want a more intuitive, secure, and streamlined torrent

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Browse the latest movie trailers in a single place with TrailerPunk

If you enjoy movies, you might be interested in TrailerPunk, a web site that displays lists of current and upcoming movies and DVD releases, and lets you watch their trailers from a single place. It even pulls in the Rotten Tomatos rating for your quick reference. This site lists movies that are opening, upcoming moves,

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Take a free technology course online at

Udacity is a free online university with a focus on the world of technology. It was started by Stanford University-affiliated roboticists, and could quite easily be the future of online education. Their mission is to make education available to the masses for free, on a scope and reach like never before. If you do a


Convert images to icons and vice versa with

If you need to convert PNG, JPG, GIF, or BMP images to ICO icon files, or vice versa, then check out free online service This one is different from many similar services in that it can create a genuine Windows 7 style icon with multiple frames that simultaneously supports the compressed PNG format.


Clean up your app permissions for Facebook, Google, and other service in one place with MyPermissions

If you’ve installed an app, game, or extension for Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Flickr, or a slew of other web services, then you no doubt have granted said app permissions to do any number of things, such as access your contacts list, your email, post or send email on your behalf, to name a few. Most

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Put YouTube on your desktop with YTubePlayer

YTubePlayer is a free desktop client for YouTube that lets you create Playlists of YouTube videos and play and save them without using your internet browser. This software brings an ad-free, basic YouTube video watching functionality to your desktop, including full-screen video mode, but is largely designed in the manner of a music player. It

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How to convert a JavaScript bookmarklet into a Chrome extension

If you use Chrome you know that extensions are laid out neatly to the right of the address bar. One thing about having all of your extensions accessible via small icons that are grouped together in the same place is that it makes sense from both a user experience and organizational standpoints. However, you may


Converse about any topic with people from around the world at LetsTalkAbout is a fairly new website that lets you begin or participate in conversations on any topic with people you invite or even random strangers. The conversations are in real-time chat, as opposed to the slower method of posting content the way some other sites, like Subjot, do. You can attach a URL to your


Learn coding and programming for free while having fun with Code Year

Code Year is a free web site that will teach you the basics and even some advanced techniques for writing program code, or “coding” as it is called. Code Year offers you basic lessons, skill increasing exercises, and a load of fun while learning, all at no cost. The only thing you need is a