Meet your neighbors and create a sense of community with NextDoor

NextDoor is a web site that allows you to build a private web community based on your geographical location, and include others in it as well. It is made to connect neighbors to each other on a remote basis so as to re-create the sense of community that is, perhaps, lost in this digital age.


Chrome app Msgboy embraces the web stream, breathes new life into RSS

Msgboy is an app for Google Chrome that mixes elements of Pinterest, RSS, and link aggregators like StumbleUpon in a very visual way. Once installed in your browser, the app looks at your bookmarks and sites you visit frequently. It then collects the feeds offered by those sites and builds them into one location you

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Take FREE online courses from the TOP 40 colleges in the US

Online education is ubiquitous, it seems, and has a lot to recommend it, such as the convenience of learning when and where you want, and the fact that there are so many free courses out there. However, many online schools seem like they suddenly came out of nowhere, as if created yesterday by a committee


Manage and pay all of your bills in one place with Manilla

Have you ever looked at all the different bills you pay to all the different companies you get services from every month and felt overwhelmed? If so, then check out Manilla, a fairly new service that allows you to manage and pay your bills online. It also lets you do such varied things as managing


Display and share your memories on a virtual timeline with Memolane

Memolane is a nifty free website that allows you to create and edit your own walks down “memory lane” with images and text. Designed to work with Facebook and many other social media and networking sites, and totally free to use, it can expand your internet social presence and provide a great way to photo/scrap

Voyage RSS feed reader screenshot

Voyage RSS feed reader visualizes RSS feeds in 3D space

You’re probably familiar the many different ways RSS feed readers might look like, from email-style lists to magazine like thumbnail grids to widgets on the desktop, etc. And since we at Freewaregenius like to keep an eye out for software originality, we couldn’t help but get excited about Voyage RSS feed, a free, online RSS

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Know who unfriended you on Facebook with Unfriend Finder

Have you ever looked at your friends list only to be horrified at some of the people (distant acquaintances, old coworkers that you never liked in the first place, or even people who you outright do not know) — that get to see your updates? Well, that’s precisely what the ‘unfriend’ function in Facebook is screenshot

Send short voice messages on Twitter, Facebook, or email with

With all the text messages glutting up the internet, why not ‘make yourself heard’ by sending a short voice message instead. You can do this with, a free text-to-speech tool that can encode your message into the URL, such that all you need to do is share or send it (or a shortened version

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CheckThis: a personal publishing service that supports polls, payments, and embedded media

What if you wanted to publish something; say, a gallery of images, a ‘for sale’ sign, a community service announcement, a poll, an electoral or political appeal, etc., or any message that is temporary or transient in nature, and you didn’t to publish it on your blog (because you don’t have one or because it


Highlight specific content on a web page to share with others, with InFocus

Imagine that you found some great information on a website, that you wanted to share with others. Except that the information was buried deep inside the page, such that someone would have to scroll down and look for what you wanted them to see in order to actually see it. Surely, you might think, there

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Unsubscribe from unwanted email automatically with Unsubscribr

Unsubscribr is a free tool that scans your email inbox and tries to sort out the junk and bulk mail it finds to make it easier for you to deal with it. It also allows you to quickly and easily unsubscribe from most email lists, in batches as well as one by one. First came

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Get remote access to other computers for free with Kaseya

Kaseya is a free toolkit that allows you to provide remote assistance to another system via Internet connection. It’s free to use, and there’s a wealth of information and support available at no cost as well. Kaseya is the kind of program that speaks for itself in how it works as well as what it