Bitcasa offers unlimited FREE cloud storage during its beta launch

Does a Dropbox-style cloud storage service with unlimited free storage sound too good to be true? It probably is, since newcomer Bitcasa is only offering this during its beta period (which happens to be right now). But this may be the shape of things to come, if you consider that (a) storage is becoming cheaper


Ask questions of Facebook friends anonymously with is a nifty gadget that lets you ask questions on Facebook anonymously. It’s free, fun and can be amazingly informative for both long time friends and new acquaintances. Facebook is probably the biggest social site on the Internet, or close to it. I don’t know the specific numbers or traffic data but it’s a


Want the latest and greatest? Erli Bird connects new startups with early adopters

Erli Bird is a website system designed to allow people to be among the first to ‘adopt’ or start using new sites and programs. They provide news, as well as opportunities every week to get in on ‘startups’ that are companies or products and services that are just getting launched. When I first checked out


Browse Reddit like a pro with Scrolldit

Scrolldit is essentially an interface system for the reddit news site. If you’re already a reddit reader or are looking for new sources of information, Scrolldit can give you a great window into the social news community of When I first was told about Scrolldit, I had to do some research. Perhaps it is


Upload and share large files for free with SkyFile

SkyFile is an absolutely awesome web site that will let you have your own file bank in the cloud for free. It is a ‘file locker’ service for downloading and sharing large files, and not a desktop syncing solution like Dropbox. The free version provides 5 GB of storage for free. Skyfile’s strong-suite is it’s


Two great FREE ways to enhance your YouTube browsing

YouTube Preview and ViewTubeare two great, free Chrome extensions that will enhance your YouTube browsing and viewing experience. They are both must haves for anyone who spends even a moderate amount of time viewing or exploring YouTube videos. I admit it: I do a lot of watching online videos. I don’t get out of the

free online courses

Ten of the best FREE online education resources that you should know about

We recently published an article that listed the free online learning resources offered by the best 40 colleges in America (here). In the process of doing so, we came into contact with all of the major, most important and professional FREE online education sites on the internet. This article will present you with ten of


Convert Facebook and Twitter into a blog automatically with Mild Free

Mild (Free version) is a social networking tool that will take your Facebook or Twitter account and publish it into a blog format, with it’s own publicly accessible URL. You can then share the resulting blog as you choose, by publicizing the URL or sending the link to friends, etc. If you’re one of the


Get wonderful, user-curated wallpaper images with Desktoppr

Have you ever wondered why YouTube contains every video in the world that you could think of? The reason, of course, is the fact that users do the all the work of curating and uploading. Desktoppr is a website that, similarly, lets users upload and freely share hi-res wallpaper images. It connects with your Dropbox

FTPbox feat

Use an FTP folder as your very own, Dropbox-like backup service with FTPBox

Do you have access to FTP storage? Most hosted website come with many gigabytes of free space that stay mostly unused forever, that could easily be utilized for backup purposes. Even if you do not have access to an FTP server, you could sign up for many free or very cheap hosting plans that provide