Build and publish non-CMS based web pages fast, free and easy with Buildor Lite

Buildor Lite is a convenient, totally browser based online WYSIWYG web page editor. It costs nothing to use the lite edition and it will offer you a number of basic but powerful options for your non-CMS web site. In 2010 there were more web pages available than there were people in the USA. This doesn’t


Three great solutions to collaborate online: Dropmark, Online Support Tools, and Fullsync

We keep saying things like, “The world is smaller now,” and “The shortest distance between two places is now a byte’” and when it comes to business these days we are just as likely to be working with someone two states or continents away as we are someone two blocks away. In this post we


Publish and share your personal or professional calendar schedule for free, with PubMyCal

In our modern world, there is a lot of value in making sure that everyone is on the same page, whether you are a Professor at a college or a Home-maker that has three kids to manage and get out the door every day. PubMyCal is a great website that can be a huge help

Stream live audio or webcam video feeds for free with BrainRepublic

Ever wanted to stream your own live show?, or broadcast a live audio or video webcam event to a group of collaborators, colleagues, students, fans, etc? Ever wished there was an easy way to log in and just go live, for free, with the simplicity of pressing a button? Well guess what; there is, and

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Create simple comparison tables with HTML or CSS with CompareNinja

Do you have a point or a message to communicate? Do you want people to compare different facets or features of an issue or topic? If so, what you may need is to make your point visually, with a table. CompareNinja is a free web site that will allow you to make simple visual comparison


Create a local, development version of your WordPress site on your hard drive: a guide for the absolute beginner

If you have a WordPress site, you may have imagined how useful it would be to have a development version of your site running on your hard drive, that you could experiment a nd play with offline without having to modify your actual site.This post will describe one of the simplest ways that you could


Collaborate on projects and keep documents and code in sync with QikPad

Working together with someone else can be rewarding, certainly, but it can also have its challenges, especially in the modern world where we don’t all live next door to each other. QikPad is a handy online program that will let you collaborate on projects, letters, code, and anything else you can work with through text,

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Google’s belligerent Panda: how Google’s algorithm updates hurt small sites and give others an unfair advantage

Google’s last Panda 3.8 update which happened in late June 2012 took away two thirds of my traffic, reducing my readership to the same level it was more than 18 months ago, and making the site essentially unsustainable, a personal cash drain that cannot be maintained in the long run. Mind you, it is not

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Learn to meditate with’s free online meditation courses, videos, and MP3’s

Onlinemeditation is a great site that will help you get into the larger universe of meditation and self-discovery and improvement. It costs absolutely nothing and is a veritable bottomless well of information on meditation, methods and practical advice. Have you ever watched someone meditate? Those who are very good at it can appear to be


Play single or online multiplayer or hot-seat style chess with Packed Chess Free

Packed Chess Free is a complete chess solution for those that enjoy the game. With both single player and online modes, as well as some innovative features, it’s one of the best free chess programs out there. I’ve always been a fan of the game of chess. I’ve never been very good at it, but