Learn to make games with ‘Construct 2’– Free online course offered Apr 6–27

The way things are headed, it may be that making games will one day become as central to kids’ education as reading, writing and math. Or not — but if you’ve always fancied making games yet can’t see yourself learning to code, you may want to consider using a game creation engine like Construct2 (which

Robomind Screenshot1

Teach children basic programming concepts, with RoboMind

Give kids a playful environment that they can interact with freely, and a cute Robot that they can control via simple instructions, and … just like that, they will start learning basic programming concepts and logic. This, at least, is what RoboMind is designed to do; and it works; I’ve seen it first hand, demonstrated

Learn Foreign Languages

Five fantastic tools to learn a foreign language for free

Want to learn a foreign language? The web is full of resources to help you do so, and in this post we will showcase five of the best resources that will help you learn and improve the language of your choice and have a ton of FUN doing it. The tools mentioned here are somewhat English-centric


Learn to play guitar for free with Instinct

Ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but don’t have the time, money or patience to get a professional to come to your place to teach you? Well now you can solve those issues with Instinct, a brand new way to learn how to play, and it’s totally free! Most of us have,

Explore the solar system for free with ‘3D Solar System Web’

Are you a student or just a fan of Astronomy? Want to learn more about our solar system but can’t afford to build your own space faring vessel? 3D Solar System will come to your rescue as a valuable and fun resource to learn and reference data on our local solar system in a gorgeous

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ColorPiano for Chrome will help you learn to play the piano – for free!

Ever wished you could learn to play the piano but don’t have the time or patience or money to go out and get lessons (not to mention the fact that even a baby piano can take up a lot of room)? ColorPiano may be able to come to your rescue, at least in part. It

Type Fu feat

Improve your typing skills for free with Type-Fu!

Do you type less than five words a minute? Do you hunt and peck like a chicken looking for seed in a desert? If so, you can improve those typing skills, up to and including being able to type without looking at the keyboard, using a great web service called Type-Fu. Best of all, of


Explore the human body for free with ‘The BioDigital Human’

Are you a student or a fan of biology and the human body? The BioDigital Human is a great free resource that can provide education and fun by giving you a new way to look at and learn about the human body in general and even specific systems. The BioDigital Human. Sounds like a modern


Exercise and expand your brain for free with FitBrains

Have you ever wanted to see if you could get any smarter than you are now? If you’ve been paying much attention lately to the television, you may have noticed and increase in the number of ads for products and services that are supposed to increase your brain power. The idea is that exercise makes

GWWP feat

Explore the wonders of the world with the ‘Google World Wonders Project’

Do you like to explore and visit new places, see new things but live on an average budget that doesn’t allow you to traipse off to the far corners of the world any time you want? If so, the Google World Wonders Project might be just the think you have been looking for without knowing

Android light bulb

Twenty five FREE online tutorials for learning Android programming

This article is a follow up to my “25 free online courses for learning iPhone and iPad programming” post, for those who are interested in developing for Android. These online are in many cases the Android counterpart to the courses listed in the iOS post above. What these courses have in common, aside from the

learn iOS programming

Twenty five free online courses for learning iPhone and iPad programming

Do you want to learn to make iPhone or Android apps? If so then you’re in luck, as the internet is full of 100% free-to-take programming courses that can get you well on your way. This article will list 25 of these, and will tell you a little bit about each.