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Writer is a word processing alternative that strips away all the clutter

As a professional writer, I am always on the lookout for new tools that can make my work easier or just more interesting. Writer is one that happens to do both. If you’re the type of person that uses a word processor on a regular basis, you may occasionally long for the good old days


The best anti comment spam solution for WordPress

This site, like most sites, has struggled with comment spam for a long time. We use the WordPress publishing platform and the most popular WordPress anti-spam plugin (Askimet) did not provide an adequate solution, and resulted in many spam comments making their way through as well as many false positives mistakenly relegated to the spam


Why does Google hate this site?

Something happened the weekend before thanksgiving, Nov 17; a Google algorithm change of some sort that once again took away about a third of our search traffic (it was reported here). This comes on the heels of a first ‘Panda update’ at the end of June which took a third of our search traffic then,


Publish and share ANYTHING, blog-post style, with Tackk.com

Remember post cards? One side with a pretty or amusing picture and the other side to write whatever you want to whomever you want, they were a great way to say ‘wish you were here’ or ‘thinking of you’ and other such things. Remember bulletin boards? A big expanse of cork that would let you

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Easily embed Flickr images into web pages with ImageCodr

If you run a blog or website and would like to feature images from Flickrs – and let’s agree that Flickr happens to host one of the largest collections of excellent online photography, you may have found it to be somewhat of a hassle to perform all the steps needed, from checking the license to


Turn the images on your website into an interactive experience, with Taggstar

Taggstar is one of those great ideas that comes along every now and then, that is so simple and powerful that you wonder why no one else has come up with it before. Imagine taking the images on your web site (whether it’s a blog or other type of site, as long as there are


Check any text for originality and/or plagiarism with Plagiarisma

The Internet is full with people who copy other people’s content to complete assignments, articles, and whatnot, whether it’s students, would-be writers or webmasters. If you are a content creator or teacher and you want to check whether the article you received or parts of it are copied, give Plagiarisma a try. What is Plagiarisma?

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Create simple comparison tables with HTML or CSS with CompareNinja

Do you have a point or a message to communicate? Do you want people to compare different facets or features of an issue or topic? If so, what you may need is to make your point visually, with a table. CompareNinja is a free web site that will allow you to make simple visual comparison


Create a local, development version of your WordPress site on your hard drive: a guide for the absolute beginner

If you have a WordPress site, you may have imagined how useful it would be to have a development version of your site running on your hard drive, that you could experiment a nd play with offline without having to modify your actual site.This post will describe one of the simplest ways that you could

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Google’s belligerent Panda: how Google’s algorithm updates hurt small sites and give others an unfair advantage

Google’s last Panda 3.8 update which happened in late June 2012 took away two thirds of my traffic, reducing my readership to the same level it was more than 18 months ago, and making the site essentially unsustainable, a personal cash drain that cannot be maintained in the long run. Mind you, it is not


Convert Facebook and Twitter into a blog automatically with Mild Free

Mild (Free version) is a social networking tool that will take your Facebook or Twitter account and publish it into a blog format, with it’s own publicly accessible URL. You can then share the resulting blog as you choose, by publicizing the URL or sending the link to friends, etc. If you’re one of the