Edit and upload your Android videos with MovieAid Free

Do you like making videos for your friends to watch? Do you love capturing life’s little (but important) moments on your Android’s video camera? If so, you may want to take a closer look at a handy little ‘droid app called MovieAid, which allows you to do all of that directly on your Android powered


Create, edit and upload videos to YouTube fast and easy with EZVid

EZVid is a free program that makes and edits videos and slideshows for use on YouTube. It offers a media timeline for editing and can record your screen in real time. EZVid works on most recent versions of Windows, costs nothing and is very easy to use There are so many videos on the Internet


Make your own movies with full animation and sound with Xtranormal

Xtranormal is a great website and program that will allow you to make you own animated movies with full sound and motion, for free! It is designed with a simple concept: to convert your text into an animation, and it does this by providing a wide array of pre-built characters, contexts, gestures, voices, sounds, vantage

Alice Scene

Learn programming with 3D video producer ‘Alice 3’

Somewhat along the same vein as Kodu, which we wrote about earlier this month, Alice is a free teaching tool to explore object-oriented programming in a 3D environment. You can use Alice, developed by Carnegie Mellon, to create short videos or 3D games. It is an enticing tool that softens the blow of diving into


Import your Avid, Final Cut Pro, or Apple Motion sequences into Adobe After effects – Free

Do you need to import your Avid or Final Cut Pro video sequences for editing with Final Cut Pro? Or, alternately, do you need to import or export sequences with Final Cut or Final Cut Pro? If so, you’re in luck. Automatic Duck, a software outfit with a wide range of tools designed to import and


Fix the audio in podcasts or camcorder footage conversations with “The Levelator”

Have you ever heard recorded audio where the voice of the interviewer was so much louder than the voices of his/her interlocutors, or vice versa, or some of the guests were closer to the microphone and thus were louder than others? Certainly you’ve seen this if you’ve had to audio record interviews or conversations, or


DVD Flick

  DVD Flick is a free, open-source DVD authoring tool that can convert and write almost any video file or files into a DVD (or ISO) playable on any hardware DVD player This program will let you (a) combine a single file or multiple files into a playable DVD, (b) add subtitles, and (c) add