VLC for iPhone: free app can play any video format on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

One of the major annoyances with watching video on the iPhone is the need to convert them into iPhone friendly format first (H264 video encoder, AAC audio, 640 max width, and MP4 wrapper). And while in theory video conversions are not that difficult, in practice I found myself simply avoiding watching video on my iPhone


HKTunes: control iTunes via global keyboard shortcuts with this free, tiny add-on

Have you ever wished you could control iTunes via system-wide hotkeys? Free iTunes add-on HKTunes lets you do exactly that. HKTunes runs in the background and will let you perform the standard player controls such as previous/next, pause/play and volume. You can also use HKTunes to use the media-player keys on your keyboard, if you


Splayer: impressive, lightweight media player that packs quite a punch

SPlayer is a free, open source media player that is lightweight, well designed, and quite powerful. It promises to play every conceivable media format (including DVD’s and streaming media), and to optimize your audio and video quality to best utilize your hardware specifications. It is light on power consumption, making it ideal for laptop/travel use,


Media Cope: a tabbed, all-in-one media player, converter, and cutter

Media Cope is a free program that supports a wide range of video and audio formats and combines a media player, audio and video converters and cutters, batch photo resizing and conversions, as well as a handful of other functions in a single tabbed interface. This strangely named program is primarily a media player, but


Jaangle: stylish audio manager downloads info and artwork from the net

Jaangle (previously Teen Spirit) is a free media/music player that provides an excellent user experience. It offers online integration (automatically downloads and displays artist information and artwork from the net) as well as full-fledged, integrated audio tag editing for every imaginable audio format. In a crowded field of freeware music players what makes this music


Double Vision: watch web video while you work

Double Vision is a freeware program designed for viewing web video (such as YouTube, Netflix, and Fancast) while you work, by providing a semi-transparent player that shows through all other windows and programs that are visible on your desktop. Imagine that you’re at work pulling reports from the database or working on spreadsheets, but that


Hulu Desktop: high quality, browser-free videos optimized for a “Media Center” style experience

Hulu desktop is a free desktop client for Windows and Mac that connects to the Hulu service and plays Hulu videos and programs within a sleek, feature-rich interface, without the need for an internet browser. It features a spectacular look-and-feel, high-definition video, and offers the ability to resume partially watched shows. It also supports standard


Songbird: an Open-Source, Cross-Platform Music Player

Songbird is a an open source, multiplatform music player intened to rival players such as iTunes; but does it have much more beyond the basics? (…)


The KMPlayer: one media player to rule them all

The KM Player is a free media player that supports a comprehensive range of media format, including broad DVD support using all internal filters and codecs. It is extremely feature-rich, offering a range of features such as applying filters during playback (sharpening, denoise, color effects, etc), excellent subtitles support, playing (and capturing) streaming media over


BBoxV2: get a powerful yet lightweight audio player and manager

BBox Audio Player (BBoxV2) is a free lightweight audio player/manager that offers a good range of features including CD ripping, audio file tagging management, internet radio, automatic volume normalization, audio library management functions, and others. This program pulls a very interesting trick: it takes up less than 2 megs in memory for the program itself (apart


Adobe Media player delivers streaming video into your desktop

Adobe Media Player is a free video streaming application that runs on the Adobe Air platform. What it is is a desktop content delivery vehicle for “Adobe TV”, which comprises a number of licensed networks and channels offers content creators the opportunity publish their videos. Content is managed within the app so that it is

CD Art Display

CD Art Display

CD Art Display is a small, memory resident program that displays the cover art and lyrics on the desktop for whatever song is being played on your media player. It will look for the song artwork locally on your hard drive and, if not found, will download it from various sources on the internet. It