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How to easily transcribe audio or video recordings into text (update)

I recently had to transcribe a number of video interviews into text. This turned out to be much more of a labor intensive project than I thought, and it quickly dawned on me that the process can be vastly improved via a few technological tweaks. This posting aims to present a step by step tutorial

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Play full length videos in your desktop background, with DesktopMovie

This is not a ‘video wallpaper’ type software, like Windows Dreamscenes or Okozo; rather, DesktopMovie is a free program designed to play full-length videos with sound inside your desktop background and under your icons. The reason you would do that is up to you!

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Play or pause your music or videos with a wave of your hand using Flutter and your webcam

Flutter is one of those rare finds that is just absolutely fun and brilliant in it’s conception. It is a program for Windows or Mac that will let you control your media with a wave of your hand. If you have a webcam, Flutter will monitor to and respond to your hand movements, Kinect-style, in

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Put YouTube on your desktop with YTubePlayer

YTubePlayer is a free desktop client for YouTube that lets you create Playlists of YouTube videos and play and save them without using your internet browser. This software brings an ad-free, basic YouTube video watching functionality to your desktop, including full-screen video mode, but is largely designed in the manner of a music player. It


Stream videos from your desktop to your iOS or Android device wirelessly with Air Playit

Air Playit is a handy little free program that allows you to stream videos and music from your home computer to your Android or iOS mobile device. It features such smart options as on-the-fly conversion, support for multiple file formats, and built-in HTTP support, along with support for Apple’s proprietary TV-Out system. As it progresses

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Organize your multimedia with Banshee

Banshee is an open source freeware multimedia manager that will help you organize and centralize your media. It is loaded with tons of options for sorting, organizing and playing your music and video files, and even has a nifty ‘favorites’ feature that tracks what files you play most often and remembers them for use in


Organize and manage your movies with Media Companion

Media Companion is a free movie manager and organizer that offers full XBMC integration and the ability to gather information from the Internet (like posters, backdrops, plot summary, actors and actor images, and ratings. It currently supports both movies and TV programs, and communicates with multiple online databases like IMDB and TVDB to get the


Interact with your music with Jajuk Advanced Jukebox

Do you have gigabytes worth of music files? Have trouble finding the one you want at a given moment? Want to get album covers and lyrics for the tracks you own? Jajuk Advanced Jukebox is free software that can help you with all this and more. [Note: this post was written by Freewaregenius contributor B.C.


Stream your music, playlists, podcasts to multiple PC’s and devices with AudioGalaxy

Let’s say you’ve got a snazzy, large music collection on your hard drive at home, and that you would like to take it with you; get access to it from your computer at work, from your iPhone or Android device. And let’s say you want to do this without having to transfer and copy files


InnerTube: broadcast your videos to multiple PCs

If you have many PC’s or laptops in your household, with video files and movies scattered all over the place and different hard drives, then consider this: InnerTube is a small software that lets you easily set up a web server on one (or more) machines, and broadcast your videos to any number of other


XBMC: a slick interface makes your computer a media hub

XBMC, renamed to its abbreviation from its XBox Media Center roots, has a niche use case but if it’s what you’re looking for, it performs impressively. XBMC provides an interface that is more intuitive and more polished that ties the media collection on your PC together in order to be everything you need in a