Create, edit and upload videos to YouTube fast and easy with EZVid

EZVid is a free program that makes and edits videos and slideshows for use on YouTube. It offers a media timeline for editing and can record your screen in real time. EZVid works on most recent versions of Windows, costs nothing and is very easy to use There are so many videos on the Internet


Screenr: Screen Recordings, Easy to Make, Easy to Share

If you ever need to make a quick video capture of your screen but don’t want the hassle of having to install any software or upload the video anywhere to share it, Screenr might be a god-send. Screenr allows you to capture screencasts and share them easily, being especially designed for Twitter integration. Screenr works


BB Flashback Express: powerful, free screen-recording program

BB Flashback Express is a free screen recording program that can capture your PC’s screen, sound, and webcam video and supports capturing graphics/animations, including 3D graphics. It offers a high degree of control over your video (output resolution, quality, file size, recording modes, mouse autoscroll, and cursor highlighting effects). Saves resulting files as either FLV’s,


Taksi: screen-recording app that captures 3D-rendered graphics

Taksi is a free video/screen recording tool that can capture 3D graphics applications such as games. It will record any Windows application that uses DirectX 8, DirectX 9, OpenGL or GDI and create an AVI file using any type of codecs that are installed on your system (or capture frames to PNG/BMP). Audio capture is


Debut Video Capture: video-record screen activity and/or capture video from external devices

Debut Video Capture is a free video recording software that can capture video and audio from any USB device, and can also record anything that is displayed on-screen such as a video that is playing or a user’s visible on-screen activity. Supports a wide variety of output formats and encoders. I was recently faced with