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Three awesome Chrome extensions for YouTube

YouTube is one of the most visited sites on the Internet, which is why there is a wide range of add-ons and third party extensions that extend its functionality. This post will present three of the most useful new Chrome extensions for YouTube that we’ve found. Seevl is a music manager for YouTube that adds


Screensaver Player: play, manage, and create screensaver playlists from the desktop

Ever wondered why you couldn’t preview and/or play screensaver files like any other media file? This, in fact, is exactly what the free Screensaver Player allows you to do. This little app allows you to manage screensavers and to them within small sub-windows on your screen. It can even create playlists of favorite screensavers and


PageZipper: consolidate articles or listings spanning multiple browser pages into one

PageZipper is a free Firefox extension and IE Bookmarklet that can merge articles or listings spanning multiple pages into a single browser page. It is useful in situations where you are interested in grabbing a web-clipping or exporting the entire article or listing to another application in one fell swoop, or simply if you would

Mind mapping

Three Free Web-Based Charting and Mind Map Tools

This article will introduce you to three online mind map tools that are free to use and have solid functionality.  A number of note taking tools were previously covered on Freewaregenius, and I’ve previously written about, another mind map tool. This article will present three more tools: Text 2 Mind Map, Creately, and Lovely


PhotoJoy: embeds your photos in screensavers, desktop widgets, and dynamic wallpaper

PhotoJoy is a free app that uses your own photo collection to create dynamicdesktop wallpaper, screensavers, and desktop widgets. As your image collection grows you may have noticed that although it is taking more and more space on your hard drive, yet ironically you seldom get to actually look at your pictures. Wouldn’t it be


COMBO (2 times loop): a unique collaborative animation

COMBO (2 times loop) is a collaborative animation made by animation artists “Blu” and David Ellis. What is unique about this animation is that where animation usually takes places on paper or inside a computer screen, this animation is physically created and/or hand-drawn inside an actual physical environment, on the walls and in the spaces


Viewer2: unique, innovative image viewing and tagging app

Viewer2 is a free image viewing and tagging app that combines form and function into a powerful program that is a joy to use. It offers an innovative tagging process based on organizing image thumbnails and folders visually and grouping them in various ways that make it very easy to work with and tag them.


PrtScr: stylish, “cool” screen capture program

PrtScr is a free screen capturing program that combines good functionality with an excellent user experience. It offers much of what you would expect out of a screen capture program within a stylish, visually appealing user interface. This program is not the most feature-rich freeware screen capturing program out there, it isn’t the most powerful,


ManicTime: manage and track the time you spend on your computer

ManicTime is a free app that runs in the background, measures your computer usage, and provides detailed stats on your activity. It can report on your general computer usage, on the specific applications that you’ve been using as well as the specific web sites that you’ve visited. It allows you to “tag” chunks of time


Chalk: uniquely original side-scrolling shooter

Chalk is an original, freeware variant on the side-scrolling shoot-em genre. Make your way through enemy territory while dodging bullets, objects, and hostiles, all the while using your trusty … chalk … as a weapon. “Chalk” employs innovative game dynamics based on performing on-screen gesture drawings in order to interact with the game environment (and


Battlefield Heroes: wacky, fun, online wargame

Battlefield Heroes is a third person, online only action game. It’s free-to-play, supported by optional micro transactions, and can only be launched through your web browser. It’s created by EA DICE, the developer behind the famous Battlefield series. War is an ugly, bloodstained affair. When two nations engage in it, lives are ruined, families forever destroyed,


BumpTop: Your Desktop in 3D

BumpTop is a cool little addition that can make your Windows desktop a little more organized and add a bit of pizazz to the experience. It adds physics and depth to your normal, boring desktop. You can slide files and icons around on the “floor” or pin them to any of the four walls that