Totally free burner: simple yet powerful CD/DVD burning

Totally Free Burner is a CD/DVD burner with a nice, minimalistic interface and an excellent range of features. A nice surprise, this one. Totally Free Burner offers a set of features that will cover most people’s CD/DVD burning needs. It also offers a sleek design and nice look-and-feel as an added bonus. Here are more notes


The KMPlayer: one media player to rule them all

The KM Player is a free media player that supports a comprehensive range of media format, including broad DVD support using all internal filters and codecs. It is extremely feature-rich, offering a range of features such as applying filters during playback (sharpening, denoise, color effects, etc), excellent subtitles support, playing (and capturing) streaming media over


BitRipper: convert DVDs to AVI or Mpeg with a single click

BitRipper is an integrated DVD ripping and conversion program that provides AVI or Mpeg creation from DVDs in a single step. I’ve been making terrific conversions of DVDs into video files using all freeware tools for a long time, my programs of choice in this regard being AutoGK and more recently Handbrake. Both of these, however,


Shrink DVDs down to size with Amok DVD Shrinker

Amok DVD Shrinker is a free program that can compress decrypted DVDs to smaller, user-defined disk sizes without any noticeable reduction in quality. It is designed to enable the copying of commercial DVDs stored on nonstandard media in order to fit them on a standard 4.7 gig writable DVD. Imagine the following scenario: you’ve just


BurnAware is a simple, lightweight CD/DVD burning program with a nice set of features

BurnAware Free Edition is a free CD/DVD burning software with a small footrprint that can write to a wide range of CD/DVD media types including Blu-Ray; write Audio CDs and DVD-Video files. Aside from writing/verifying data CDs it can also create audio CDs from music files and burn data and video DVDs as well as


DVD Slideshow GUI easily creates spectacular slideshows and exports them to DVD

DVD Slideshow GUI is a powerful freeware program that can create slideshows consisting of images as well as videos, add subtitles, set to music then export them to .ISO format or DVD folder ready to be burned onto a DVD or any of a number of video file formats. Allows for adding borders, subtitles, and


DVD43 is a program that runs in the background and decrypts copy-protected DVD’s on the fly. It has the effect of making a DVD unrestricted and region free, allowing for simple copying of files to your hard drive within the Windows file system and/or unrestricted access to the DVD by third party software. It will



Handbrake is a free program that can convert DVD’s or VOB files into video files. Supported containers are: MP4/M4V (for Ipod), AVI, OGM, and MKV, while supported video encoders are Xvid, H264, and Mpeg4. Handbrake has established a reputation as being a 1-click solution for converting DVDs to Ipod video format (MP4/M4V), but it can


CDBurnerXP 4

CDBurnerXP 4 is a complete CD/DVD burning solution for the creation of data CDs and DVDs, audio CDs and Video DVDs. It offers full set of features including on-the-fly disc copying, copying to and burning from ISO images, and ISO image conversion. Supports new DVD formats such as Double layer DVDs, Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs. This


DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink is a free program that can rip DVD’s into the hard drive and compress them, if needed, to fit on a standard 4.7-gig DVD. It will create a DVD image that can be burned into a DVD using a number of third party programs. It can also re-author DVDs to allow the creation


DVD Flick

  DVD Flick is a free, open-source DVD authoring tool that can convert and write almost any video file or files into a DVD (or ISO) playable on any hardware DVD player This program will let you (a) combine a single file or multiple files into a playable DVD, (b) add subtitles, and (c) add



Mediacoder is a free universal transcoder that can be used to convert across many different audio and video formats. It offers advanced features including batch encoding and extendability through plugins. If you’ve ever wanted a program that can convert any media format to another (audio and video), this is the program that you’re looking for.