Organize and manage your movies with Media Companion

Media Companion is a free movie manager and organizer that offers full XBMC integration and the ability to gather information from the Internet (like posters, backdrops, plot summary, actors and actor images, and ratings. It currently supports both movies and TV programs, and communicates with multiple online databases like IMDB and TVDB to get the


Import your Avid, Final Cut Pro, or Apple Motion sequences into Adobe After effects – Free

Do you need to import your Avid or Final Cut Pro video sequences for editing with Final Cut Pro? Or, alternately, do you need to import or export sequences with Final Cut or Final Cut Pro? If so, you’re in luck. Automatic Duck, a software outfit with a wide range of tools designed to import and


Convert & manage your media with FreeStudio from DVDVideoSoft

Finally there’s a solid and reliable solution for converting and managing all your media files in one place. It’s called FreeStudio from DVDVideoSoft. I first came across this program when I was trying to find a quick and easy way to convert my .avi files to watch them on my phone. I don’t have an


Copy any DVD to in two steps with BDLot DVD ISO Master

If you have a DVD you want to copy or rip to your hard disk, the free BDLot DVD ISO Master just might be the easiest way to go about doing it. This software will rip your DVD to the hard disk in the form of an ISO file, and will allow you to burn


Free Giveaway: BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate V2

If you need a software that can backup your DVDs, remove all known copy protections, and/or save DVD tracks as video files that can be played on your PC or handheld device then check out BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate V2. This software is being given away 100% free till Aug 1st 2011. Find the download


Freemake Video Converter updated with cool new features

I recently wrote about Freemake Video Converter, a free, very stylish-looking video conversion program that is both powerful and easy to use (see my original review for more information on this program). Since then, the program has been updated with new features, many of which I had requested in the ’wish list’ of my original review. Specifically,


Freemake Video Converter: stylish, user friendly video and DVD conversion, burning, and editing program

This is the kind of video conversion program that feels like it belongs in an Apple store; slick, clean-looking, with a lot of white space and colorful buttons in it’s interface, and as little information crammed on the screen at any one time as possible. It also delivers exactly what is promised, which is always


Splayer: impressive, lightweight media player that packs quite a punch

SPlayer is a free, open source media player that is lightweight, well designed, and quite powerful. It promises to play every conceivable media format (including DVD’s and streaming media), and to optimize your audio and video quality to best utilize your hardware specifications. It is light on power consumption, making it ideal for laptop/travel use,


Media Cope: a tabbed, all-in-one media player, converter, and cutter

Media Cope is a free program that supports a wide range of video and audio formats and combines a media player, audio and video converters and cutters, batch photo resizing and conversions, as well as a handful of other functions in a single tabbed interface. This strangely named program is primarily a media player, but


PhotoFilmStrip: create videos from images (including Ken Burns style zooming in/out effect)

If you’ve ever wanted to string a bunch of images together into an animation then PhotoFilmStrip is for you. PhotoFilmStrip is a free program that can create video from images quickly and easily, including the Ken Burns style zoom-in/zoom-out effect commonly used in documentaries. Other features include the ability to add subtitles, add a soundtrack,


Explore and Burn: burn files and folders from the right-click context menu

Explore&Burn is a free app that allows you to burn to files to CD/DVD right from the Windows explorer context menu. It can burn disk image files (ISO, IMG) as well as any file type to a wide range of disc types (including Dual Layer DVD’s). Supports single-session and multi-session discs with ISO-9660, Joliet and


How to convert PowerPoint to DVD for free

This posting will outline a number of options for converting a PowerPoint presentation to DVD using all free software. There is not a single free app that will do this; however there are three “routes” illustrated below that you could take to achieve PowerPoint to DVD conversion using all free apps. Here’s a quick summary: