URC Acess Mode

Protect your PC from data theft by USB or CD, with “URC Access Modes”

If you are a business, public venue, or even a normal user concerned with the illegitimate copying or transfer of files or data from your computer(s) via USB or CD, then this program is for you. ‘URC Access Modes’ is a FREE program that will allow you to shut off and password protect USB and


Secure your USB port with USB Disk Access Manager

USB flash drives are a security concern for many not just because they can carry harmful viruses, but because it is very easy for someone to quickly and discreetly slip a Flash drive in a USB port and transfer data illegitimately from a PC. Disabling the USB ports completely is one thing, but doing that

Portable TrueCrypt feat_e

Use TrueCrypt portably from a USB or in Dropbox with ‘Launcher for TrueCrypt’ — a step by step guide

TrueCrypt is the world’s foremost free/open source encryption program, but running it portably can be a bit of a hassle. In this posting, we will show you an extremely easy and fast method to run TrueCrypt portably from your hard drive or from a portable USB drive. You could also put it in your Dropbox

Portable Extension Warlock Screenshot

Create temporary file associations with ‘Portable Extension Warlock’

Have you ever double clicked on an icon, and wished that the file would temporarily open in app on your computer that is not the default program it is associated with, just for that particular session? The Portable Extension Warlock (PEW) is a free program that allows you to create an alternative set of file


Linux Live USB Creator: install Linux on a bootable USB, or run it from within Windows itself

Linux Live USB Creator is a free, open source program that installs any .ISO file to a bootable USB drive. It offers built in support for a large number of Live CD tools, including a wide range of Linux distros (200+) and a wide variety of other OS’s and other tools. It will even optionally


Eject USB devices quickly and safely with ProEject

One of the things that continue to puzzle me is why ejecting a USB drive remains such a labor intensive affair, even on Windows 7. Luckily, this software can spare you ever having to go hunting for the “safely remove hardware” icon in the system tray ever again. ProEject is a small, free program that