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Find software worth UN-installing from your PC, with ‘Should I Remove It’

Most people have a ton of software installed on their PC which are just clutter. Some are bloatware that came pre-installed on your PC or laptop, others are programs that you installed at some point and forgot about, that you may not even remember was there in the first place. Wouldn’t it be great if


Remove security program and clean up aborted uninstalls, with AppRemover

Have you ever tried to uninstall your anti-virus software, only to find out that the very software you were trying to uninstall was preventing you from uninstalling it? AppRemover is a simple program designed specifically to overcome such issues. AppRemover is a free, portable app that designed to remove your installed security software cleanly and

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AllMyApps provides a Windows appstore-like experience for installing and updating programs

The iOS and Mac appstores have had lots of appeal with users. Those who would like to have something like this for Windows (which can display installed apps, apps that have updates, or even create a backup of all applications in order to reinstall them later), should take a look at ‘AllMyApps’. Allmyapps is like a


Remove even the toughest programs with IOBit Uninstaller

IOBit Uninstaller (IOBU) is a powerful, but very easy to use, portable application that will take care of uninstalling nearly anything from your Windows OS based computer. It will even remove programs that won’t go away even when you use Windows uninstaller, and will remove the traces that are often left behind by other methods.


Uninstall programs completely and monitor installations with Comodo Programs Manager

This is an impressive uninstaller program that will scan for leftover files after program uninstallations to make sure nothing is left behind. It will also monitor your system for program installs and take note of all changes done to your system, so that it can easily roll them back completely. This happens all the time,


Cameyo: competent, free program virtualization app can create portable executables from any application

Software virtualization, if you’re unfamiliar with it, is a process whereby a specific program is run in a “virtual layer”, where the interaction with the operating system and the host environment is temporary and is automatically undone once the virtual program is terminated (more commonly referred to as “sandboxed”), until the next time you run


Ninite: One installer, multiple programs

OK so you’ve just reinstalled Windows for whatever reason (update, clean slate etc). Now you have to sit there for about an hour just downloading all your favourite programs again and installing them. Well not any more. Ninite is a revolutionary new way of installing the software you want. Instead of having to download and


How to uninstall anything: free apps that get the job done

Forget Windows’ add/remove programs, there are free programs out there that can do a much better job uninstalling programs, cleaning up afterwards, and/or removing programs in batch. This article presents three handy free programs designed to remove installed applications from your system: Appremover (uninstalls security applications), PC Decrapifier (removed preinstalled crapware), and Revo Uninstraller (cleans


Tiny Watcher: detect and reverse unwanted changes to your system

Tiny Watcher is a program that can create “snapshots” of your system that it uses to identify changes to your system including changes/additions to the registry, drivers, as well as programs or processes running for the first time on your machine. I started looking for a program like this one after a recent posting of



Returnil creates a virtual system on your machine that completely mirrors your actual setup. It is designed to take the risk out of exposing your machine to all manner of software, websites, downloads, or anything else that might have adverse effects on your machine or infect it with malware. Once restarted, your system will revert


Easily terminate visible applications and processes

Easily terminate visible applications and processes using RevoUninstaller. Imagine that an application you are working with (let’s say its called “XYZ PDF Creator”) froze or stopped responding, leaving an open window on your desktop that refuses to be closed. Imagine further that you next pressed CTRL-ALT-DELETE and found that the task manager for some reason


Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller is a combination Windows add/remove replacement, startup manager and hard drive cleaner. It provides the ability to scan uninstalled programs and delete residual files and registry keys, as well as a number of other functions such as unrecoverable deletion for individual files or even entire hard drives. Although I very seldom am accused