Back up PCs to each other via the Internet using CrashPlan Personal

If you are a computer enthusiast, then it is very likely you have more than one computer at your home. You also are likely to have quite a bit of data stored on your computer which hasn’t seen an external drive or other backup location in quite some time, if ever. You are likely to

Portable Extension Warlock Screenshot

Create temporary file associations with ‘Portable Extension Warlock’

Have you ever double clicked on an icon, and wished that the file would temporarily open in app on your computer that is not the default program it is associated with, just for that particular session? The Portable Extension Warlock (PEW) is a free program that allows you to create an alternative set of file

WOW64Menu Screenshot2

Access your 32-bit Windows context menu from a 64 bit environment with WOW64Menu

Have you ever right-clicked on a file or folder expecting certain functions, only to find that they are missing? This is most likely due to the fact that many applications are written for a 32 bit Windows explorer environment, and many developers have to catch up on making their apps 64-bit context menu friendly. If

Otixo Screenshot

Manage multiple online storage accounts from one place with Otixo

Do you have files on multiple cloud storage accounts (e.g. multiple Dropbox accounts,, Google Documents, Picasa, even FTP and others) that you would like to manage from a single interface? If so, this service is for you. Otixo is a free online service that will connect with multiple cloud storage accounts and present them


Add docking toolbar launchers to the sides of your screen with Coolbarz

Want a nice, functional, launcher that appears only when you need it? Then check out Coolbarz, a free software that can add up to 4 toolbars on any of the sides of the screen. These no-frills toolbars (see screenshot) appear when you mouse over the side of the screen and are invisible when you move

Tiles myTiles Tab

Tiles: a sleek, Windows 8 inspired sidebar widget and launcher

Tiles is a Windows 8 inspired sidebar launcher. It has three “swipeable” tabs that you can switch across; an apps tab that displays open programs and windows (very similar to the Winodws taskbar), a tiles tab which can house your favorite shortcuts for files, folders or program shortcuts, and a ‘docs’ tab, which is a

Media functions in the right click

Useful functions for your right click menu [Part 1: media files]

The right click context menu in Windows, in my opinion, is one of the best interface devices ever conceived. The simple fact that you could have a different set of commands when right clicking a folder, a text file, or an MP3 (as examples) makes it that much easier to use PC’s and adds tremendously


Mount disk images as writable disks with OSFMount

OSFMount from Passmark Software is a free disk image mounting software with some nice features that distinguish it from similar programs; specifically, OSFMount can mount image files as WRITABLE disks, and also allows to create virtual drives in memory. Mounting means using a file as a virtual disk in My Computer. There are several utilities


KumoSync: Sync Google Documents with your Desktop

KumoSync is a free program that keeps Your local files and Google Documents in sync. This can serve to back up your local documents in Google cloud storage and prevent data loss in case of hardware failure, to make editing files on Google Documents easier, right on your desktop, and to make files on Google


Cyber Tuesday GiveAway: iCare Data Recovery Professional

This is a data recovery software which I admit I do not know much about, except that I am using it right now to salvage some files off a busted hard drive and am liking it. I do not know if it is any better or worse than the other free(or paid) data recovery software

What does a cluttered desktop mean4

What does a cluttered desktop mean?

Is your desktop so frequently cluttered with icons and folders that its hard to find room for new files or projects? Do you wish that your desktop was more organized or that you had more room to breathe? This posting explores some aspects of what a cluttered desktop means. It argues that it is important

AutoHideDesktopIcons Screenshot2

Auto-hide your desktop icons when you don’t need them with AutoHideDesktopIcons

Tired of seeing a cluttered mess of icons on your desktop? Don’t have the time to organize it- for example, using any of the tools discussed in our recent Ten free tools to better organize your desktop icons post? If so then check out AutoHideDesktopIcons, a small app that hides your desktop icons after a period of