Dropbox times two

How to run two Dropbox instances on the same PC

Why would you want to run multiple Dropbox instances on the same machine? We could think of two reasons (1) you’ve maxed out on the 16 gigs or so that each free Dropbox account can give you as a ceiling, and would like to use another account to add more, or (2) you would like


Two awesome new free ZIP archiving programs that you’ve probably never heard of

We recently published a big comparison of free ZIP archiving and compression programs on Freewaregenius that looked at many of the more well known (and some not so well known) free ZIP programs out there. The conclusion: we liked HaoZip, 7-Zip, and PeaZip best, in that order. Since then, some readers have alerted us to


Remap and edit your mouse buttons with XMouse Button Control

XMouse Button Control is a great freeware program that allows you to change what each button on your mouse does. It works with nearly any type of mouse, no matter how many buttons it has, and is very easy to use. Anyone who knows me even slightly will know that I am an avid gamer.


Create multiple folders quickly and in batch with “Text2Folders”

If you’ve ever had to create a large number of folders or an intricate folder structure to then you know that it can be a laborious, manual process. With free program Text2Folders, however, the process can be significantly automated, requiring the user either type in the names of the folders (and/or subfolders) that are needed,


Add thumbnails to all your media files in Windows with Media Preview

We take thumbnails for images and video files for granted in Windows Explorer. Unless, of course, we do not have them. If you have media files that display icons instead of a thumbnail preview, then you probably feel mildly annoyed to say the least. Rest assured: Media Preview is a free, small utility that will


Make your PC faster for games or demanding applications, with Jetboost

Consider the PC that you are using right this minute. Chances are there are apps, services, and processes that are running in the background that you do not need right now, that you seldom ever really need, or that you do not really need at all. Jetboost is NOT intended to help you identify these,


A comparison of FREE Cloud Storage Services

Now that the biggest tech companies in the world are taking aim at Dropbox (with Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon all offering their own cloud storage services), we thought we would compare the FREE cloud storage plans that are out there, in terms of how much free storage space they offer, how easy it is to


Optimize and maintain your SSD drive with SSD Fresh

If you own a Solid State Drive (SSD), you may be interested to know that there are specific settings that you could use to optimize and enhance it’s performance, and, more interestingly, that many of the practices common to maintaining and optimizing regular drives are unnecessary with SSD drives. For example, did you know that


Looking for a great free docking launcher? Winstep Nexus is one of the best

If you have a case of Mac-envy, or if you’re looking for a launcher that combines both form and function, then check out Winstep Nexus. This docking launcher has been out for a while, but the latest release (ver. 12.2) is a quantum leap forward in terms of speed and performance, as well as a


Remove even the toughest programs with IOBit Uninstaller

IOBit Uninstaller (IOBU) is a powerful, but very easy to use, portable application that will take care of uninstalling nearly anything from your Windows OS based computer. It will even remove programs that won’t go away even when you use Windows uninstaller, and will remove the traces that are often left behind by other methods.


Increase the frame rate and speed of your games with Game Booster 3

Game Booster 3 (GB3) is free a program from IOBit software that will help you maximize the performance of your PC while playing almost any game. It’s very easy to use, and can help most computers, old or new, by devoting maximum resources to the game instead of wasting them on unnecessary programs and processes