Run your favorite Android Apps and Games on your Windows or Mac with BlueStacks Beta

BlueStacks Beta is a great program for Windows and Mac OS that will let you run your favorite Android Games and Apps right on your desktop system. It’s totally free to download and use during the Beta phase of development, and very easy to get started. I have an Android Tablet. My neighbor has an

FTPbox feat

Use an FTP folder as your very own, Dropbox-like backup service with FTPBox

Do you have access to FTP storage? Most hosted website come with many gigabytes of free space that stay mostly unused forever, that could easily be utilized for backup purposes. Even if you do not have access to an FTP server, you could sign up for many free or very cheap hosting plans that provide


Monitor your hard drive’s health and get customized warnings with Acronis Drive Monitor

Acronis Drive Monitor is a helpful utility that will warn you before your hard drive dies, and help you manage other aspects of your hard drive’s health. It’s free, exceptionally easy to use, and unobtrusive. One of the few things in the world that is certain, to paraphrase the Acronis web site, is that your


Control your Android from your desktop using AirDroid – a free remote management app

AirDroid is an free Android application from Sand Studios that lets you control your Android and most of its functions remotely, including moving media files and documents to and from your Android wirelessly without a USB connection. It requires that both your Android and your desktop computer be connected to the same WIFI network, and

PDF preview before and after

Add thumbnail previews to PDF files in Windows with PDF Preview

Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the first things most people install on a computer, but one thing which I do not understand is why it does not offer the option for thumbnail previews in Windows (other free PDF readers, such as PDF XChange Viewer, offer this by default). If you use Adobe PDF Reader

AOMEI Partition Assistant Home Edition updated with cool new features (and FREE giveaway for the professional edition)

Quick: what is our favorite partition manager here at Freewaregenius? The answer, despite what we say in our Freeware Top 30 (which needs updating), is Aoemi Partition Assistant Home Edition, for three simple reasons (1) it’s simple interface, which lacks inactive, ‘paid’ options, (2) it is free for both personal and COMMERCIAL use, and (3)

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Get remote access to other computers for free with Kaseya

Kaseya is a free toolkit that allows you to provide remote assistance to another system via Internet connection. It’s free to use, and there’s a wealth of information and support available at no cost as well. Kaseya is the kind of program that speaks for itself in how it works as well as what it

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7 FREE dual monitor programs and resources that you should know about

We recently got access to a new extra screen at the office, so we did the natural thing, and started testing all sorts of free multiple monitor software that we’ve always wanted to try. If you use more than one monitor then this post is for you; it lists 7 programs and resources that add

Windows 7 enhancements illustration

Two free programs that can enhance Windows 7 or 8: AniExplorer and Folder Options X

Windows 7 is quite good, but there are certain things that can be better about it. For example, you may have tried to rearrange the icons in a folder manually and found, to your surprise, that you can’t. Or perhaps you tried to filter your files by size or by date in icon or tile

Portable TrueCrypt feat_e

Use TrueCrypt portably from a USB or in Dropbox with ‘Launcher for TrueCrypt’ — a step by step guide

TrueCrypt is the world’s foremost free/open source encryption program, but running it portably can be a bit of a hassle. In this posting, we will show you an extremely easy and fast method to run TrueCrypt portably from your hard drive or from a portable USB drive. You could also put it in your Dropbox


How to convert anything to anything online, for free (e.g. metrics, units of measurement, icons, etc.)

The internet offers the modern human a multitude of options that previous generations didn’t have. According to a friend of mine, one of those things is the ability to immediately convert almost anything to anything, online, at one site or using one program or another. While this is probably most useful to people who need