Backup your browser easily with BrowserBackup Pro for Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Chromium

There is is so much information that our browsers hold, that if the system crashes or if we reinstall or upgrade to a new OS or PC, we stand to be greatly inconvenienced if we lose them. I am not just talking about saved passwords, bookmarks, mail and contacts, but even speed-dial, notes, skins, sessions,

TabExplorer Screenshot

Add tabs to Windows Explorer with TabExplorer

If you love having tabs in your browser, then how about adding tabs to Windows Explorer? TabExplorer is free software that adds simple, functional tabs to Windows Explorer, enabling you to visually keep track of all your open windows in once place and quickly jump from one to another. We’ve seen tabbed Windows explorer before


Do copy acceleration utilities actually lower file transfer speeds? Our tests say yes

We’ve featured several file copy acceleration utilities on this site. Recently, however, we went in and did a head-to-head test to discover which of the many free options was the best at increasing copying speed. The results surprised us greatly: all of the tools we tested actually took longer for the file transfer than Windows


Three great solutions to collaborate online: Dropmark, Online Support Tools, and Fullsync

We keep saying things like, “The world is smaller now,” and “The shortest distance between two places is now a byte’” and when it comes to business these days we are just as likely to be working with someone two states or continents away as we are someone two blocks away. In this post we

Secure and lock your computer illustration

Two free programs to secure and lock your computer

Security is always a concern with modern computer systems. The days of punch card security are gone and that means we need more and more security solutions in the form of software. This post will present two great tools to secure or lock your computer up tight, both for free: KeyboardLock which can lock your


Protect your system from malware and look up unknown processes with Advanced Win Service Manager

Ever found yourself wondering about an unfamiliar process or service on your machine? Or maybe you are curious about all of the different programs running in the background and would like a quick overview that can give you an idea about what’s what. If so, then this software is for you; Advanced Win Service Manager


Scan and fix common problems with FixBee for Windows

FixBee is a free compact tool that offers a two-pronged approach to system optimization. Firstly, it will analyze the state of you hard drive’s defragmentation, and offer a fix. Secondly, it offers a disk cleanup, finding and removing unnecessary leftover junk files, all packaged in a rather nice and stylish program interface. Your computer, just


How to Shutdown Windows without installing Windows updates

If you have a laptop and are on the move, or if you’re simply busy and do not want to wait for 10 or 15 minutes or more at a time to install seemingly perpetual and unending Windows updates, then this tip is for you. It is actually possible and extremely easy to tell Windows


Restore and repair deleted or lost files with FreeRecover for Windows

FreeRecover is a portable and powerful program that will help you to recover deleted or otherwise lost files on NTFS formatted drives. It’s loaded with search and rescue features and costs absolutely nothing. We’ve all had at least one (most of us far more than one) moment where we deleted a file that we needed


Bitcasa offers unlimited FREE cloud storage during its beta launch

Does a Dropbox-style cloud storage service with unlimited free storage sound too good to be true? It probably is, since newcomer Bitcasa is only offering this during its beta period (which happens to be right now). But this may be the shape of things to come, if you consider that (a) storage is becoming cheaper

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Organize and update your videos, songs, books, games, and programs with myCollections

myCollections is a tool to organize and access your media library that stresses visual organization paired with tag reference. It’s totally free to download and use and can handle a number of different kinds of media. The average person that owns a computer has at least one or two movies, games and who knows how


Upload and share large files for free with SkyFile

SkyFile is an absolutely awesome web site that will let you have your own file bank in the cloud for free. It is a ‘file locker’ service for downloading and sharing large files, and not a desktop syncing solution like Dropbox. The free version provides 5 GB of storage for free. Skyfile’s strong-suite is it’s