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Backup and restore Windows’ registry and user profiles with’s Registry Backup

There are many ways to protect your system. You could use Windows’ internal ‘system restore’, for example, or you could make backup images of your system partition. Another way to protect your system would be to backup your registry (and user profiles) and restore them when you need to, and which has the advantage of

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Backup Your iPhone Contacts easily with My Contacts Backup

One of the biggest fears for a mobile user is losing all of his or her contacts. It is more common that you would think, and can happen for a variety of reasons such as theft, software or hardware upgrades, changing a SIM or a carrier, etc. Or perhaps you want to take your contacts

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Looking for a simple, practical launcher? Try Launchbar 4 for Windows

There’s nothing I like more than a good launcher, especially if it is based on an intuitive, practical concept. Which is why I like Launchbar 4. Launchbar is a free launcher for Windows that lets you start your favorite programs, files, and folders simply by right clicking any of the edges of your screen that


Clear stuck print queues with ‘Print Queue Cleaner’ for Windows

Ever tried to print a document and perhaps waited by the printer, only to realize that the print command is stuck in the queue and will not go through? Typically, and to make things worse, you might find that your print jobs in the clogged print queue are impervious to being deleted, instead displaying an

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Toggle the internet on and off from the system tray, with InternetOff

If you want to be able to turn the internet off (of on) quickly and easily then read on: InternetOff makes this a one-click affair, right from the Windows system tray. Why would you want to turn the internet on and off? The reasons are varied and many, for example, to prevent programs from calling

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Filemind adds sophisticated filtering for files and folders

Windows Explorer is great, but could be a lot better. File filtering, for example, is not very intuitive and relies too much on the searchbox, and is not really built to easily allow re-filtering the filtered results. Filemind is a free file management program that enables you to find the files and folders you seek


Remove security program and clean up aborted uninstalls, with AppRemover

Have you ever tried to uninstall your anti-virus software, only to find out that the very software you were trying to uninstall was preventing you from uninstalling it? AppRemover is a simple program designed specifically to overcome such issues. AppRemover is a free, portable app that designed to remove your installed security software cleanly and


Easily Find and Remove Duplicate Files with AllDup for Windows

Once you have been using your computer for a while, then you’ve likely downloaded many files, installed many programs, and created many documents. This activity of installing and saving off files can potentially create many duplicate files in the same or different folders and unnecessarily take up disk space on your hard drive. You cannot

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Delete files off you PC securely and permanently, with Eraser

If you’ve ever run a data recovery program, you know that even the files you deleted and thought were gone forever get recovered. While this may be good news if you want something back, it is not good news if you had deliberately deleted sensitive files. In such situations, people want their files to be

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Transfer your files across many online services, with ‘Pipe’

We all use online services to all sorts of files. Sites like Facebook and Flickr for images and sites like SkyDrive and DropBox for all types of  files, and so on. Sometimes, however, you might need to transfer files between these services; for example, to transfer a document from your SkyDrive account to your Box


The best free data recovery tool: 14 undelete tools compared

We’ve all deleted files and folders by mistake, or formatted a drive, and subsequently realized that we wanted or needed some or all of the lost data. The good news is that, depending on your use of the hard drive after deletion, most or all of the data still might be there, potentially salvageable with


Another ten unique, free utilities to SUPERCHARGE your right-click menu

We recently published an article entitled “Supercharge your right-click menu with these ten UNIQUE utilities”. If you enjoyed that one then we have good news: this article is the sequel, featuring another interesting tools that we hope you will like. Like the first article, what we are trying to do here is present interesting and