Easily Find and Remove Duplicate Files with AllDup for Windows

Once you have been using your computer for a while, then you’ve likely downloaded many files, installed many programs, and created many documents. This activity of installing and saving off files can potentially create many duplicate files in the same or different folders and unnecessarily take up disk space on your hard drive. You cannot

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Delete files off you PC securely and permanently, with Eraser

If you’ve ever run a data recovery program, you know that even the files you deleted and thought were gone forever get recovered. While this may be good news if you want something back, it is not good news if you had deliberately deleted sensitive files. In such situations, people want their files to be

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Transfer your files across many online services, with ‘Pipe’

We all use online services to all sorts of files. Sites like Facebook and Flickr for images and sites like SkyDrive and DropBox for all types of  files, and so on. Sometimes, however, you might need to transfer files between these services; for example, to transfer a document from your SkyDrive account to your Box


The best free data recovery tool: 14 undelete tools compared

We’ve all deleted files and folders by mistake, or formatted a drive, and subsequently realized that we wanted or needed some or all of the lost data. The good news is that, depending on your use of the hard drive after deletion, most or all of the data still might be there, potentially salvageable with


Another ten unique, free utilities to SUPERCHARGE your right-click menu

We recently published an article entitled “Supercharge your right-click menu with these ten UNIQUE utilities”. If you enjoyed that one then we have good news: this article is the sequel, featuring another interesting tools that we hope you will like. Like the first article, what we are trying to do here is present interesting and

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Perfgraph: get a graphical representation of your CPU, Memory and other metrics, right on the desktop taskbar

If you’ve every wanted to see a graphical representation of your CPU usage, memory utilization, network utilization and other measures right on your desktop, then check out Perfgraph, a free software that can insert real-time representations of these into the Windows taskbar. Perfgraph runs within the Explorer.exe process and can monitor a number of things

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Share and view large documents online, with Jumpshare

Want to share large files? Want to share large files without requiring the recipient to be online, necessarily? Want to share large files without having to register or create an account? If so, check out this free service. Jumpshare allows you to share large documents up to 100 megs (and 2 gigs in total) through


Find out which nearby WiFi network has the most signal strength, with WifiInfoView

Ever wondered which of the WIFI connections available to you has the most signal strength? The number of visible bars gives some indication, but does not tell the whole story. What you need is WifiInfoView, a free desktop application that can quickly compare the signal strength and various other parameters of the WIFI networks in


InfraRecorder: a simple windows utility to burn CDs and DVDs

Do you save most of your data on CD/DVD? Are you looking for a perfect CD/DVD burning tool? Infrarecorder is the perfect solution to cope up with this problem. Most CD/DVD burner software’s are heavy and they at times use a lot of system resources as well. InfraRecorder is a light weight application for Windows

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How to download the Favicon from any site

Favicons are very small icons that typically display a site’s logo or brand. These are familiar to everyone who has every bookmarked a URL, and can be seen on the browser’s tab for any page you are visiting. If you’ve ever wanted to download the favicon from a website then read on. This post will

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Get tabbed browsing in Windows with Clover

Great news for those who love tabs in the browser: you can now get tabs in Windows explorer as well. We recently mentioned TabExplorer, a free utility that superimposes tabs onto Windows 7. This time around we feature Clover, another free utility that adds tabs to Windows, and does it very well. Clover adds tabs


Protect and encrypt your folders and data with A+ Folder Locker Free Edition

Keeping your data private can be a challenge.There is always a risk of getting ones PC hacked and various other security breaches. With A + Folder Locker Free edition you can protect your data at the right click of the Windows context menu. A + Folder Locker Free edition is a handy tool that allows