ICSI Netalyzr – Know your Connection

ICSI Netalyzr is a service maintained by the Networking Group at the International Computer Science Institute, an affiliate with the University of California, Berkeley  and funded by the National Science Foundation. The service got some publicity and found importance after late 2007 when Comcast was sued for throttling Internet traffic which Comcast later admitted to


Lammer Context Menu: more cool and useful functions for your right-click context menu

Another day, another free utility that puts nifty function in the right click context menu. And although it may seem that we’ve seen a lot of the functions that Lammer Context menu offers before, a closer look will reveal some very interesting and noteworthy functions on here, such as mounting folders as virtual drives, search


JDcontextmenu: enhance Windows’ right-click menu with a host of useful functions

JDcontextmenu is a free app that installs a wide range of commands in Windows’ right click context menu. You’ve seen many of these before; here’s a list: “copy full path”, “”copy name”, CMD line here, MD5 checksum, FileDateTime Stamp, Create new folder(s), send fullname by email as a link, add file to startup folder, clear


MakeItOne FileBrowser32: launch a 32-bit file browser from your 64-bit context menu

Do not mistake this program with the previously mentioned MP3 merging app from the same author. MakeItOne FileBrowser 32 is a free program that installs a right-click shell extension in your 64-bit Windows environment that launch a 32-bit browser set to the current path/folder, enabling the user to quickly access any installed Windows extensions that


Acer GridVista: snap your windows to pre-defined sections of your screen(s)

This free app allows you to use your monitors more effectively by dividing your screen into custom sections. It mimics the Windows 7 snap feature but goes further by allowing you to place your windows into any of two, three, or four sections on the screen through drag and drop. It also works with all


Prism HUD: lightweight system monitoring software offers a unique visual interface

Prism HUD (heads up display) is a free, lightweight performance and resource monitoring software. It provides a wealth of information in real-time right on the desktop. Although there are many free system monitoring tools out there, what is unique about Prism HUD is the way it displays information: it does not display continuous chart; rather,


FSL Launcher: a tabbed, mouse-activated launcher

If you need a good launcher for apps, files, folders or URLs and would like the option to organize your files and shortcuts into tabs then check this one out. FSL Launcher is a free, tabbed launcher activated by clicking on the top left corner of the screen with the mouse. It supports the dragging


Ninite: One installer, multiple programs

OK so you’ve just reinstalled Windows for whatever reason (update, clean slate etc). Now you have to sit there for about an hour just downloading all your favourite programs again and installing them. Well not any more. Ninite is a revolutionary new way of installing the software you want. Instead of having to download and

7Stack featured image

7Stacks: brings mac-like folder stacks to Windows

7Stack is a free utility that can display the contents of any folder in a Mac-like vertical-style or grid-style stack, or otherwise in a cascading-menu style similar to the XP start menu. 7Stack shortcuts can be placed on the desktop, added to the Quick Launch tray (for XP, Vista), or pinned to the Windows 7


Disable annoying UAC security prompts in Windows 7, Vista by switching to UAC quiet mode

I just made to switch from Windows XP to Windows 7. One interesting security feature in both Windows 7 and Vista is the Windows UAC (User Account Control), which is designed to prevent basic users and malicious programs from changing system critical settings. This results in a lot of prompts popping up when launching many

Jumplist Launcher Featured

Jumplist Launcher: pin any combination of apps, files, or folder shortcuts to the Windows 7 taskbar

If you’ve installed Windows 7 you may have noticed the nifty new feature whereby you can right click on any program pinned to the taskbar and access recently used documents in what is called the Windows 7 jumplist. However, you may have noticed that when it comes to pinning your favorite documents to the taskbar,


Coffee: temporarily change the default program used to open any file type

Ever wanted to temporarily change the association of a file type or extension? Coffee is a small, free tool that can change the default applications used for opening any file type and allows for defining a primary as well as a secondary alternate program (the latter activated when launching a file and simultaneously pressing ALT).