DNS Jumper Screenshot

DNS Jumper: easy DNS switcher with IPv6 support

Want to switch your DNS on your PC quickly and Easily? How about Switching from IPv4 and IPv6 interchangeably, and being able to backup and restore DNS settings (and categorize them in groups), and checking multiple response times to find the fastest DNS IPs, or even flushing the DNS cache? DNS Jumper is a small

Elevated Shortcut screenshot

Bypass the UAC prompt for any program, with ‘ElevatedShortcut’ for Windows 7 and Windows 8

UAC security prompts have becoming a mainstay of Windows since Vista, but especially with the introduction of Windows 7, and they remain so with Windows 8. We’ve written about how to go around these on Windows startup by using the task scheduler to bypass the prompts (see here), or bypassing them by downgrading the UAC

WizTree Screenshot

WizTree is a LIGHTNING FAST utility to find the large files and folders hogging your hard drive

If you don’t know where all of your hard drive space went and are struggling to clear up large files, this terrific FREE program can help. You may be thinking ‘but I’ve already seen excellent programs like this on this very site’, but WizTree has a special feature to recommend it: it is extremely fast.

Should I Remove It Screenshot1

Find software worth UN-installing from your PC, with ‘Should I Remove It’

Most people have a ton of software installed on their PC which are just clutter. Some are bloatware that came pre-installed on your PC or laptop, others are programs that you installed at some point and forgot about, that you may not even remember was there in the first place. Wouldn’t it be great if

SFTP Net Drive Free Screenshot

Mount an FTP server as a local drive (part 2): ‘SFTP Net Drive Free’

If you would like to map an FTP or SFTP server as a local drive, we’ve got great news: SFTP NET Drive Free is free software that can map an FTP/SFTP server to a local drive letter which can be accessed just like a normal Windows drive. ‘SFTP Net Drive Free’ will install drivers on


Preview system fonts side-by-side with ‘Fonticate’ (Windows)

Ever wished you could view and compare the fonts on your system quickly? If so, then check out ‘Fonticate’, a small free tool that will let you type in any sentence and display it using all the fonts on your system, simultaneously. Somebody asked me if I had a tool like this, and as frequently

NPointer ScreenShot00226

Use your webcam as a mouse with gesture-based freeware ‘NPointer’

Have you ever wished you had an extra hand for the mouse while you’re typing? Or, perhaps you’re one of the many people across the world that is differently abled than others and you need a mouse-control solution that doesn’t require hands and fingers, or maybe you like to see the technology of tomorrow today,

URC Acess Mode

Protect your PC from data theft by USB or CD, with “URC Access Modes”

If you are a business, public venue, or even a normal user concerned with the illegitimate copying or transfer of files or data from your computer(s) via USB or CD, then this program is for you. ‘URC Access Modes’ is a FREE program that will allow you to shut off and password protect USB and

Milouz Market Screenshot

Install (or update) some great freeware in batch, with Milouz Market

I will admit: I was quite surprised at the appeal of appstores, which are obviously the way of the future. Users seem to like the notion of going to a single place to install and update apps, rather than hunting for each program on the net and installing updates on an ad-hoc basis. Enter: Milouz


Create a WIFI hotspot from a WIFI-enabled PC, with Winhotspot

If you have a single PC with WIFI access and you would like to use that connection to broadcast A WIFI signal to other devices then read on: Winhotspot is one of the simplest FREE virtual WIFI programs available, and possibly the easiest to use. Windows 7 (and above) supports the broadcasting of a WIFI

hard drive imaging illustration

The best free disk imaging program: a comparative analysis (updated)

What is the best way to safeguard your computer and undo a system disaster? Most would agree that is done best by making a  so called ‘disk image’, where your entire system partition is backed up and cloned, and the image saved on a different physical hard drive. Disk images are also an excellent way

Nova Launcher Feat2

Nova Launcher just might be the best free launcher for Android

One of the things I liked the most about Android when I switched from iOS was the fact that you could run a third party launcher that can thoroughly customize your phone’s interface, and change the way your interact with the device. We tried many free Android launchers, and can happily report: Nova Launcher, a