Seven apps that work really well in the Windows 7 taskbar

So you’ve recently installed Windows 7 and become familiarized with the new Jumplist-enabled taksbar. If you are looking for Windows7 taskbar-friendly apps then read on; this posting will present 7 interesting (and free) selections that work really well with the Windows 7 taskbar. Here’s the list: (1) Dexpot with SevenDex plugin, (2) Standalone Stack 2, (3) JumpList


Switcher: elegant application switcher for Vista and Windows 7

Switcher is a free ALT+Tab like application switcher for Windows Vista or Windows 7 in the vein of Expose for Mac. It provides three variations of visual display: tile view, dock view, and grid view (see examples of the first two in the screenshots above, respectively). The program is invoked by a user-defined hotkey or


SD Explorer: integrate “Windows Live Skydrive’s” 25 gigs of cloud storage with your desktop

Windows Live SkyDrive is a service that gives you online storage for uploading files and sharing them with other people. It was renamed from Windows Live Folders in August 2007 launched in February 2008, and in December 2008 it got a bump in its storage cap, from 5GB to 25GB. It has been getting minor updates


Partition Wizard Home Edition: excellent, free partition management utility

Partition Wizard is a free partition management utility that works on both 32bit and 64bit systems. It offers a wide range of functions, including creating, resizing, formatting, copying, deleting, and hiding partitions. Other functions include setting active partitions, changing drive letters, performing hard drive surface scans, checking the file system on your partitions, and even


Secondshell: lightweight app lets you maximize windows horizontally or vertically, adds a range of useful tweaks

Secondshell tweaks Windows and provides easy and practical shortcuts for performing a handful of tasks, such as: Maximizing windows to the edges of the screen vertically or horizontally using keyboard shortcuts (see screenshots above) and resizing or moving windows by clicking anywhere on the window, then using Alt+left click drag to move or Alt+right click


Comodo Time Machine: roll back your PC to a previous state, including every file on every partition

Comodo Time Machine is a free program that can roll your system back in time, on-demand, to a previous state. It provides the ability to “undo” any kind of undesirable event, such as a virus or malware infestation or any event or events that might have caused your PC to become too cluttered, slow, or


Eraser – Securely Delete Your Files

I’ve previously discussed why you shouldn’t just throw out or recycle your computer without wiping the drive first to protect your identity and files in a 404 Tech Support article Before you recycle/garbage that old computer. If you’re deleting files from your computer that need to be kept from prying eyes, you should be using


DesktopOK: automatically save and restore your desktop icon positions with this tiny app

Do you have a lot of icons on your desktop? Are your icons carefully placed according to some sort of personal scheme or system? Are you annoyed every so often when an event, such as a resolution change or a Windows update, completely messes up your desktop icon placements? DesktopOK is a free app that

HideDesktopIcons: hide and unhide desktop icons with a single click

If you’re looking for a simple, easy way to switch your desktop icons display on and off – literally at the press of a button – then check out this tiny little free app. HideDesktopIcons emulates the “display desktop icon” command in the Windows context menu, packaged in a simple icon that can be placed


Screensaver Player: play, manage, and create screensaver playlists from the desktop

Ever wondered why you couldn’t preview and/or play screensaver files like any other media file? This, in fact, is exactly what the free Screensaver Player allows you to do. This little app allows you to manage screensavers and to them within small sub-windows on your screen. It can even create playlists of favorite screensavers and


ProcessQuicklink 2: provides instant info on running process, straight from Windows’ Task Manager

This free utility is brought to you by the people behind the website. What it does is tweak the Windows Task Manager to add a little green button next to each process in the process list (see screenshot), which when clicked instantly searches for information on the process you are interested in. ProcessQuicklink


UNetbootin: create a bootable Linux USB with a single click

UNetbootin (Universal Netboot Installer) is a small, free, cross platform app that can download and install Linux (or other operating system) on a bootable USB drive or a hard drive partition. It supports a wide range of Linux builds (25+ and growing) out of the box that it will automatically download from the net, or