Folder Bookmarks: top-docking launcher lets you access your favorite files, folders, and shortcuts right on your desktop

Just as files and folders keep increasing on your computer and your desktop, so do the tools to organize them keep appearing, it seems. Folder Bookmarks is yet another such a tool. And although it is somewhat early in its development, it still manages to be quite useful. As it’s name implies, Folder Bookmarks provides


How to add a “go up to parent folder” button in explorer for Windows 7 and Vista

If you’ve upgraded to Windows 7 or Vista, you may have noticed that Windows explorer no longer supports a “folder up” button that can take you back up to the parent folder. Instead, Windows 7 and Vista only has a back button. To travel up the folder path, users have to use the breadcrumb navigation

How to acces folder options in Windows 7 and Vista, quickly and from any open folder

In Windows XP, users were able to access folder options quickly, via the tools menu in any open folder. In Windows 7, however, there’s been a slight change, and at first glance it seems that the tools menu is simply not there anymore. I recently needed to access and change my folder options, so I


Listary: filter files, folders on demand

Listary provides a quick and easy way to search and filter items in Windows, whether its files and folders in Windows explorer or, say, entries in the task manager. The program provides a convenient searchbox that can be summoned via hotkey in different locations, such as any open folder window in Windows explorer, the windows


TV Show Renamer: rename downloaded media quickly and intelligently

TV Show Renamer is a free program that provides quick, intelligent renaming of TV series and movies/media downloaded from the internet and/or torrents. The programs looks for naming conventions that are typically used in downloadable media, and will give the user a measure of control over what they want and do not want. For example,


Preme: provides a host of original, interesting enhancements for Windows 7

Preme is an interesting free app that introduces a number of quirky enhancements to Windows 7, such as the ability to dock windows to the sides of the screen, the ability to launch the task switcher (or Aero flip 3D) via mousing over the top left corner, and the ability to close the active Window


Soluto: use the wisdom of the crowd to optimize your PC and make it run and boot faster

Is your system too overloaded with apps? Does it take way too much time to boot up? Would you like a simple, uncomplicated software that can help you optimize the programs that load on Windows startup and decrease the time it takes your system to boot up? If so, you should check out Soluto. This


OnTopReplica: display any app or video in a thumbnail-style window

Ever wished you could keep a small representation of a program or window always visible on your desktop? OnTopReplica is a free app for Windows 7 and Vista that can create a resizable, always-on-top clone of any program or window on your desktop. Aside from being a really neat concept, this program can have a


GiMESpace Free Edition: extend your desktop infinitely across many screens

If you’re tried out “virtual desktop” apps then you’re familiar with the functionality they provide, allowing you to organize your workspace by placing windows and programs on different virtual desktops and flipping across these desktops at will. GiMESpace Free Edition takes a slightly different approach in that it allows you to drag your windows and


GetFolderSize: scan and sort your hard drives by folder and file sizes

GetFolderSize is a small, free program designed to reveal the disk size of folders and files on your hard drive(s) in a sorted list, to determine which folders, files or programs are taking up the most hard disk space. It simply scans your selected hard drive or partition, displays both the folder list and the


RBTray, the minimize to tray app, updated for 64 bit OS’s

A recent comment posted on my RBTray review tells of a Vista/Windows 7, 32bit and 64bit compatible RBTray. To quote the (new) developer "I made RBTray Vista/7 and x64 compatible, removed the application menu additions altogether, and fixed the small target on the minimize button with XP theming (that was not intentional BTW). It’s on


Explorer++: tabbed file manager and Windows Explorer replacement

Ever wished you could use tabs in Windows explorer, just as you use tabs in your internet browser? Explorer ++ is a file manager and Windows explorer replacement that just that, plus a host of nifty features to boot. Explorer++ has newly turned open source, is available in 32 and 64 bit builds, and is