Windows 7 Taskbar Items Pinner: pin anything to the Windows 7 taskbar, including individual files and folders

Windows 7 Taskbar Items Pinner is a free software that allows you to pin just about anything (individual folders, files, or URLs) to the Windows 7 taskbar. Now you may be wondering why you need this, since you can already pin items to the Windows 7 taskbar simply by dragging them over; however, the truth


System Ninja: pro-active drive cleaner will find junk files that CCleaner won’t

System Ninja is a free hard drive cleaning app that can remove unnecessary junk files from your hard drive. It is different from some other hard drive cleaning apps, such as CCleaner, in that it pro-actively sets out to find junk files wherever they may reside, rather than looking in prescribed locations. As a consequence


WinMHR: Free Malware Detector

WinMHR is a free security tool that provides a similar function as the VirusTotal website but with some additional features, and more to come. WinMHR is not a replacement for antivirus but it works great in conjunction with one (I’d recommend Avast! for a free antivirus.). The name stands for Windows Malware Hash Registry, which


Cameyo: competent, free program virtualization app can create portable executables from any application

Software virtualization, if you’re unfamiliar with it, is a process whereby a specific program is run in a “virtual layer”, where the interaction with the operating system and the host environment is temporary and is automatically undone once the virtual program is terminated (more commonly referred to as “sandboxed”), until the next time you run


CCEnhancer: enhance CCleaner to support hundreds of additional programs

Most of the readers of this blog are familiar with CCleaner, probably the world’s most free popular hard drive (and registry) cleaning program, featured in my “Top 30 Freeware” post. But if you have a lot of apps installed, there is a high likelihood that a lot of redundant and useless files are accumulating on


How to run a virtual instance of Windows XP from within Windows 7

There are a handful of free machine virtualization programs out there, such as VirtualBox, VMWare, and of course Microsoft’s Virtual PC. These programs will let you run another instance of an operating system within your current operating system. The only problem is that, unless you’re virtualizing Linux or another free OS, you will need a


HashTab: add a hash value tab to the file properties in Windows explorer

This one for the ubergeeks, amongst which I (hopefully) count myself. HashTab is a free Windows Explorer extension that adds a new “File Hashes” tab in the right click/properties dialog that simply displays the file’s calculated hash value, in order to verify a files’s integrity and authenticity. Another feature that your brand new Hash Tab


Virtual Router: create a wi-fi hotspot using a wifi-enabled PC and a wired internet connection

Imagine the following situation: you have multiple wireless-enabled PCs or devices, a wired internet connection, and no wireless router to connect a wi-fi hotspot. Would it be possible to use the wireless adapter from your PC to create a mobile hotspot that can be used to provide all of your wireless enabled devices with an


MultiBoot USB: Simplifies Taking Your IT Toolbox With You

Pen Drive Linux has made it easy to turn your USB drive into a Live bootable Linux instance, allowing you to easily sample a Linux flavor or create the free, open-source tool you need. The group also provides another tool called MultiBoot USB that allows you to take multiple Linux ISOs and utilities with you


BBox: organize your files, folders, and URLs within a virtual environment

BBox is a free program that can organize files and folders within a virtual environment, allowing you to group with your files and folders into categories and work with them without moving the actual files and folders from their locations on your hard drive. BBox can manage files and folders as well as URLs and


HiddenMenu: a nifty little launcher that appears only when you need it

HiddenMenu is a tiny, free launcher for apps, files, or folders that remains out of sight until it is activated by mousing over user-specified edges or corners of the screen. This launcher is truly lightweight at about 3 megs or so in memory, is portable software, and supports dragging and dropping of entities from Windows

Buzz Folders: get quick accss to favorite and recent folders from the open/save file dialog

Buzz Folders free edition is a Windows enhancement that provides quick access to favorite and recently used folders in the Windows open/save file dialog. It displays several tabs underneath the open/save dialog (see screenshot) that allow the user to quickly access recent folders for the active program, user-defined favorite folders for the active program (which