HTC Home: place a stylish, animated clock and weather widget on your desktop

HTC Home is a free widget that can display the time and 5-day weather forecast on the desktop. The stylish-looking widget emulates the animated clock and weather conditions displayed on HTC phones. The widget features optional animations, such as raindrops coming down over the the widget itself and other parts of your monitor, as well


ERUNT GUI: backup and restore your registry with a single click

ERUNT Gui is a free app that can backup and restore the Windows registry. It is a front-end for the well-known registry backup and restoration app ’ERUNT’ but serves to take the command line out of registry backups and replace it with a simple button (see screenshot). It can also be used to setup automatic


Haozip: powerful free archiving manager

Haozip is a powerful free archive manager. It can compress and extract archives in 7z, ZIP and TAR formats and can extract RAR, ISO, UDF, ISZ, ACE, UUE, CAB, Bzip2, ARJ, JAR, LZH, RPM, Z, LZMA, NSIS, CHM, DMG, HFS, WIM, DEB, MSI, CPIO, XAR and other compression formats. Haozip is a full-featured archiving tool


7Conifier: cutomize your Windows 7 taskbar icons en-masse

Do you like to customize your operating system’s look and feel? Do words like “sleek”, “minimalistic”, and “metallic” turn you on? If so then read on: 7Conifier (pronounced “iconifier”) is a free tool that can customize your Windows 7 taskbar and start menu icons by replacing them with any of a number of sleek-looking icon


AltRun: lightweight application launcher

AltRun is an open-source, lightweight launcher that launches applications, documents, and folders with just several keystrokes. This software also provides the flexibility to perform a wide range of tasks; examples of these include, but are not limited to, quickly running web searches, controlling on-screen windows, sending e-mails, and shutting down, restarting, suspending or hibernating the


MyDefrag PowerGUI: optimize and defagment your hard drive easily via MyDefrag

MyDefrag PowerGUI is a front-end for free hard drive defragmentation software MyDefrag. It is designed to manage all aspects of hard drive defragmentation with MyDefrag, including scheduling defragmentations, auto-updating the MyDefrag engine, installing the MyDefrag screensaver option, as well as providing a variety of advanced defragmentation functions such as a wide range of defragmentation profiles


DriveGleam: display your CPU, RAM and drive usage as icons in the system tray

DriveGleam is a free app that installs a handful of activity indicators as icons in your system tray, including a CPU usage, a RAM usage, virtual RAM usage, as well as an icon that displays hard drive activity for each of your partitions. You can pick and choose which of these indicators (or all of


Quick Cliq: on-demand launcher provides a wide range of shortcuts and functions right at your fingertips

Quick Cliq is a free, small app that provides instant access to program, folders, files, and URLs. Created by the same developers that brought us previously mentioned JumpTo, Quick Cliq offers a slew of additional functions, including “folder menu” shortcuts that automatically display all sub folders recursively in cascading menus. Quick Cliq also includes a


TimeComx: stylish, easy to use timer and task scheduler

Ever wanted your computer to play a sound at a certain time or when a certain time period has lapsed? How about shutting down or locking the computer or even launching a specific app at a particular time? TimeComX is a small free app that can schedule any task at a set time or when


Aerofoil: extends your notebook’s battery life under Windows Vista and Windows 7

This is one of those programs that ostensibly does so little, but in fact can have a significant impact on your notebook’s battery life. Aerofoil is a small, free app for Windows Vista and Windows 7 that reduces your computer’s power consumption whenever it is running on battery. It does this by automatically switching off


Hot Corners: launch favorite apps, files and folders by touching the corners of your screen

This program provides an interesting way to access favorite folders and files or performing any of range of functions (running any program, running the screensaver, searching Google, showing the desktop, etc.) by hovering over any of the four corners of your screen, which apparently is inspired by Obviously, you can launch no more than 4


FileToFolder: creates folders from multiple files and moves them into their respective folders

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you have multiple files that you need to move into their own folders? I frequently encounter this situation, for example, when downloading media files that I then move to their own folders. With FileToFolder, however, I no longer have to do this manually. This free app