Nemo Documents: organize and filter your files visually on a calendar-style grid

Have you ever wished that you could quickly see and/or access the files that you were working with last week, or the week (or the month) before that? Nemo Documents is a free file manager that can help; it organizes your files visually into a calendar style view similar to Outlook or Google Calendar. It


SlimDrivers: finds drivers and driver updates for your PC

SlimDrivers is a free tool that scans your computer to identify missing drivers or drivers that are out of date and have updates available for download. It will let you download and install drivers “manually” (i.e. one by one) straight from the SlimDrivers interface. In theory, up-to-date drivers are likely to make your PC run


IconViewer: easily view or save icons in libraries or executables, straight from Windows Explorer

Have you ever wished there was an easy way to view and/or copy and save icons that reside in libraries or executable files? With IconViewer you can do this straight from Windows Explorer, by right-clicking properties on a file that contains icons (e.g. DLL, Exe, or ICO files) then going to the new “Icon” tab


FileBucket: use a virtual “file basket” to perform copying, moving, and other file operations

FileBucket is a free file and folder organizational tool that allows you to collect files and folders from several locations into a single “virtual basket”, then perform a number of operations such as moving or copying them to another location. Aside from Copy and Move, other possible operations include deleting items in the basket, creating


eXtraButtons: add up to 9 window control buttons on your program or folder title bars

eXtraButtons is a free Windows Explorer tweak that adds a number of buttons to your windows title bar. Among the function provided: minimizing windows to the tray area, minimizing to a single common icon in the system area, or minimizing to “box” (i.e. a floating icon on the desktop). Other buttons provide the following: always


Macrium Reflect Free: superfast disk imaging and system recovery

Macrium Reflect Free creates hard drives images and can restore them when you need it. It purports to be the fastest disk imaging software out there. It can compress your image such that it is much smaller in size than the actual hard drive partition, and can create a bootable recovery CD that can be


Toolbox: keep your shortcuts organized

If you have a cluttered desktop, consider this: one reason why many of us keep so many objects on the desktop, aside from the fact that we have too many projects going on, is to avoid the “out of sight, out of mind” phenomenon. If you want to keep many icons within sight but are


Diffuse Merge Tool: compare (and merge) text files visually

Have you ever needed to compare multiple versions of a text or code, and wished that the differences would be highlighted visually? This is exactly what this program does: Diffuse Merge Tool is a free, visual text file comparison and merge tool. It will display text files on-screen simultaneously each in their own pane, highlight


FilerFrog: add a slew of useful functions to your context menu

FilerFrog is a free program that can install a wide array of useful tools into the Windows context menu, in the vein of such useful context-menu based apps as Lammer Context Menu and Freewaregenius favorite FileMenu Tools. It works with both 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows This program offers a wide range of commands, including many of


SingleInstance: allow only one running instance of a program

Have you ever launched a program and started working with it only to discover that there’s another instance of it running in the background? This can be a mild annoyance from time to time, especially when you realize after a few minutes that the two instances have the same file or data open and that


SE-DesktopConstructor: embed a clock or calendar into your desktop, and delineate sections of your workspace with colored or semi transparent shapes

Ever wanted to embed a clock or calendar into your wallpaper, or overlay shapes on your wallpaper to delineate areas or sections of the screen (for the purposes of icon organization, naturally). SE-DesktopConstructor is a free program that does all of that. It lets you draw shapes of various colors and transparency into your wallpaper.


Find and Run Robot: a brilliant search-box style launcher and task management app

Find and Run Robot (FARR) a free “search box” style launcher similar to previously mentioned Launchy. These kinds of programs scan certain locations on your hard drive, including your start menu, and provide a floating search box that pops-up on demand to display matching results for programs and files as you type into them. But