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Explorer7Fixes: add “sort-headers” and filters to all file view modes in Windows 7 file explorer

We’re all familiar with the column headers in Windows explorer “detailed” folder view, that can be clicked on to sort files, or right-clicked on for custom filtering. In Windows 7, however, these controls are only available in the “details” view, and have been removed from all other view modes.And while this might be a good


MadAppLauncher: simple, free tabbed launcher

MadAppLauncher is a simple, free tabbed launcher. It supports up to 10 different tabs, with 30 slots each that can hold program, file, or folder shortcuts. Each slot is mapped to a key on the keyboard and can be launched by pressing that key . I personally like tabbed launchers because of the prospect of


Depeche View: search multiple text files simultaneously

Depeche View is a free program that can search and edit multiple text files simultaneously. It allows users to jump to instances of a search string that may exist across a number of different files, provided they are placed in the same folder. It will search all text files in a folder, including log files,


Duplicate Commander: a file deduping app that can automatically replace duplicate files with hard linked clones

Duplicate Commander identifies duplicate files that exist on your NTFS formatted hard disk, enabling you to easily manage or remove them to conserve space on your hard drive. It will check for files based on actual file data (i.e. files that are exactly the same irrespective of what they are named) or based on filename,


Roozz: create browser based web apps out of any desktop program

What if I told you that a technology exists that can take any Windows program and turn it into a fully-functional web app that looks and feels exactly like the original desktop version, without the need for the source code, and without the kind of re-programming or web development that aims to rebuild the app


Windows Double Explorer: simple dual pane tabbed file browser

Windows Double Explorer (WDE) is a free, simple, 100% portable tabbed file browser for Windows 7that supports two horizontal or vertical panes. Although WDE looks like many dual pane file browsers, it is noteworthy in that it provides both tabbed browsing in each pane (in the manner of web browsers) as well as portability (i.e.


URLHistory: monitors your clipboard for URLs and (optionally) stores them

Do you frequently find yourself copying and pasting “disposable” URLs into text files or notes programs for later use? I know that I do, whether its one-off sites that I need to perform a specific task (and therefore do not want to bookmark or share), or download links from services like Rapidshare, etc. If you’re


Hamster Free Zip Archiver: super stylish compression program

When it comes to Zip/compression programs, there are so many excellent free options out there that I am constantly surprised when I receive emails from readers asking for “an alternative to Winzip”. (You can check out a list of excellent free compression software here). That being said, the people behind Hamster Free Zip Archiver have created


RidNacs: a folder size visualization app that integrates into Windows Explorer

RidNacs is a free disk space analysis tool that produces charts to visually represent the size that your files and folders occupy on your hard drive. But the reason this software caught my attention, and the reason I am posting it here, is that RidNacs offers Windows Explorer right click integration, enabling you to right


Noteworthy Shareware turned Freeware in Feb 2011

The following three interesting programs used to be paid but recently turned Freeware: Bufferzone Pro, Chasys Draw IES, and WinX DVD Author. Bufferzone Pro is a virtualization/Sandboxing program, Chasys Draw IES is a bitmap image editor, and WinX DVD Author is a DVD authoring app.


RainMeter: a powerful and highly customizable desktop customization engine

RainMeter is undoubtedly one of the most powerful free desktop customization and widget engines on the Windows platform. It can place all sorts of interactive informational devices on your desktop, is highly customizable, supports multiple skins, is multi-monitor friendly, and offers a wide range of available widgets to choose from (e.g. calendars, resource monitors, feeds,


WizMouse: enables page scrolling with the mousewheel without having to click windows into focus

WizMouse is a free utility that enhances the middle-mouse scroll-wheel in a couple of interesting ways. It allows page scrolling via the scroll wheel when hovering over a window, even if it is out of focus, and without having to click into the window first to bring it into focus. This can be very useful