CianoDock: beautiful circular dock to launch apps, files, and folders

CianoDock is a free, simple, circular dock launcher with a considerable dose of stylishness added for good measure.  Interested? Of course you are! This launcher lives in the background until you bring it into focus on the desktop via a user-defined keyboard shortcut, at which point you could click on any one of the icons


Far Manager: powerful, old-school file and archive manager

Orthodox file managers are back with a vengeance! This was my first thought when I saw the screenshots of Far Manager. 90% pure interface of Norton Commander from the eighties/nineties of the last century. But despite the freaky look Far Manager is one of the best free Windows file managers. Running Far Manager – file and


Oolauncher: take complete control of your startup programs’ loading order, time delay, etc.

Ever wished you could determine the order in which your items are loaded on startup, or the priority, or to set specific time delays before some programs launch, or specify the window state upon launch (e.g. minimized, hidden), or to load some items only when the PC is idle, etc. Oolauncher is a free program


Desk Topmost: access the desktop without minimizing any of your active windows

This program lets you access your desktop  while keeping all of your open windows right where they are, without minimizing any of them. The desktop appears overlaid semi-transparently on top of all of your open windows whenever you press CTRL+ALT+D, (see the screenshots above). How it works: press CTRL+ALT+D and your desktop and desktop icons


MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition: Recover Files From Broken Drives

I loaned my wife my USB drive that had YUMI, the successor/rename of the MultiBoot USB tool, on it with CloneZilla loaded in order to do some re-imaging. She created her image and got 3 out of 4 computers up and running again. On the fourth computer, suddenly it wouldn’t boot from the USB drive


Free Opener: opens and views any type of file

Have you ever encountered files on your computer that you couldn’t open, that you were curious to explore? Or maybe you downloaded a file that you thought would play or open on your computer only to find that it would not open within the program that you thought it would. Or, more likely, a colleague


The best freeware file manager: a comparative analysis

File management in Windows (browsing, viewing, copying, deleting files etc) is an area where Windows Explorer is not sufficient for many people. Explorer lacks several functions such as a tabbed interface and multiple panes for organizing files easily, quick file viewing, sorting folders by folder size, enhanced archive management, multiple file renaming, to name a

Handy Shortcuts Screenshot

Handy Shortcuts: create desktop shortcuts to frequently used Windows functions

Do you ever wish there was a simple shortcut on the desktop to “safely remove hardware” rather than having to go hunt for it in the system tray menu? Or maybe you would like to toggle the screensaver from a shortcut on the desktop or you could use quick, one-click access to the device manager,

DropIt Screenshot

DropIt: a magical little file sorter on your desktop

Imagine this: you have a video file on the desktop that you’d like to move to your video folder on D:\; you drag and drop it over an icon hovering on your desktop and *poof* , the file is moved. You then would like to extract a zip archive from your download folder onto your

Another Forty-Three of The Best Free Windows Enhancements That You Should Know About (part 2)

I’ve been meaning to publish a follow up to my first “43 must have Windows Enhancements” posting forever, but it’s taken a long time simply because I wanted to stick with the completely arbitrary “43” number of entries, and of course I wanted to only post apps that are worth writing about (as it turned

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Jumplist Extender Screenshot1

Jumplist Extender: enhance jumplists on the Windows 7 taskbar with custom entries

If you want a quick way to launch frequently performed actions from the taskbar consider this: Jumplist Extender is a small free tool that can insert user-defined entries in the right-click program jumplists that appear in the Windows 7 taskbar (see screenshot above). It also lets you pin any folder or file within any program


7Plus: add many useful functions and tweaks to Windows

Does Windows lack a feature which you wish it could have? Chances are this program offers it. 7Plus is a free, open source program that adds so many functions to Windows that it is hard to keep track of, ranging from interface tweaks and extensions to quick solutions for common tasks. 7Plus offers so many