Organize and access your shortcuts, files, and URLs with 8Start, a nice-looking, versatile portable launcher

I am always ready to try out a new launcher, probably because of the prospect of finding a new way of organizing my stuff, or hoping for a stylish new user experience, or simply for a change. 8Start certainly satisfies all of the above criteria. This launcher, in fact, has been around for years, but


Minus: share large files and photos with this stylish cloud hosting app

If I’ve seen one file sharing web service in the past few months I’ve seen a about twenty. But this one stands out from the pack in several respects; most notably its (ad-free) stylishness and support for multiple platforms and devices. Minus is a file hosting service that will let you upload and share large


Add thumbnail previews for a wide range of image types with Sage Thumbs

If you’re like most people, you like to look at a folder full of images and see thumbnail previews rather than icons. Windows explorer will provide previews for the most common image file types in thumbnail view, but not all of them, which is where this software can come in handy. Sage Thumbs can add


Eject USB devices quickly and safely with ProEject

One of the things that continue to puzzle me is why ejecting a USB drive remains such a labor intensive affair, even on Windows 7. Luckily, this software can spare you ever having to go hunting for the “safely remove hardware” icon in the system tray ever again. ProEject is a small, free program that


Get a super customizable docking launcher with Gizmo Toolbar

Gizmo Toolbar is a free toolbar app that can provide multiple docking toolbar launchers on your desktop. The software two main launcher styles, slab (with icons laid out on a rectangular shape and carousel (laid out of a circular shape), and offers a very high degree of customization: color, size, opacity placement on screen, keyboard


Free Giveaway: BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate V2

If you need a software that can backup your DVDs, remove all known copy protections, and/or save DVD tracks as video files that can be played on your PC or handheld device then check out BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate V2. This software is being given away 100% free till Aug 1st 2011. Find the download


Quick Search: super-fast desktop search, similar to “Everything”

Do the words “lightning fast desktop search” seem like a great thing to you? If so, then read on. But first, a bit of context; visit my “Freeware Top 30” page and you will see that the first program on the list is a desktop search program called “Everything”. This is because it provides lightning


Special Folder Manager 2: move special folders easily across partitions on Win 7 and Vista

There is a growing trend to move special folders, such as your “My Documents”, “My Music”, and “My Pictures” folders off the main OS partition to another one. This enables the user to create a ‘perfect’ image of the main partition in it’s smallest form, and to put all of the user data in another


Zip2Fix: extract undamaged files from a corrupt ZIP archive

I’ve been waiting to test a couple of freeware ZIP archive recovery apps for some time. And then, it finally happened (oh joy); I downloaded a zip file from the internet, which for whatever reason turned out to be corrupt. The testing can now begin! Zip2Fix is a small program that can salvage files from


DriverPack Solution: install and update drivers in one click

If you’ve every had to reinstall Windows on a computer, you know what a hassle it can be to find and update all of your PC’s drivers. And while Windows might install some generic drivers that may work with some of the devices on your machines, you will invariably need to check your drivers and


SKTimeStamp: add a timestamp tab to file/properties

If you’ve ever found the need to manage your files’ time stamps then you will probably like this free Windows Explorer extension: SKTimeStamp adds a tab in file/properties that displays the file’s timestamps (date created, last modified, and last accessed) and lets you edit them on the spot. This software also works for batch file