Locate IP addresses on a Google map with IP Locator

IP addresses. Everyone on the internet has them, and everyone leaves them behind, whether its someone leaving a comment on a blog like this one, or someone leaving a few dozen SPAM comments, etc. If you have someone’s IP address and would like to find out where it originates, Locate IP is a small, free


Intercept changes to your startup folder with StartupEye

Tired of programs adding themselves to your Windows startup, or making changes to your system’s registry? Then check out StartupEye, a program that lives in the background and alerts you whenever other programs try to add (or remove) entries to the startup folder and/or registry, and optionally upload and scan these programs using VirusTotal. StartupEye


Two tips to make your computer run faster

We all know that sinking feeling… the computer that used to spring to life in a few seconds seems to take forever grinding its way to a reasonable state of usability. No doubt you will have searched for an answer and found the usual tips about uninstalling unnecessary programs, especially those that start automatically. What


Cyberduck: an all-in-one desktop client for FTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV, Cloud Storage, and Google Docs

FTP has been impressively resilient as a file storage protocol, but these are the days where files are literally everywhere, in cloud storage, Google docs, and the like. Enter Cyberduck: a free, open source desktop client that can access your FTP, WebDAV, and cloud storage accounts from a single, nicely designed application. It can access


Disguise and hide your sensitive folders with ‘Disguise Folders’ for Windows 7

Everyone has documents and files of sensitive nature that they would like to keep away from prying eyes. Users have a handful of options to do this, ranging from the most secure, such as mounting virtual archives using programs like TrueCrypt, physically encrypting and reprocessing files, or hiding and embedding them within other larger files

MobiHandler Screenshot1

Display your Kindle ebook covers as thumbnails in Windows with Mobihandler

I recently wrote about a software that displays image thumbnails rather than icons for all manner of common and obscure image files (here). If this sounds good to you, and if you have ebook files on your computer (esp. Kindle friendly .AZW, .MOBI and .PRC formats) then check out Mobihandler, a free software that will


Organize your files into a virtual structure with DiviFile

Arranging files into folders is one way of organizing your files, but is limited in that it will not allow you to easily place a file into several categories simultaneously, and can be a lot of work to modify and maintain. Enter DiviFile, a free program which provides another way to organize your files, namely,


Add an online database of programs to your Windows’ “open with” dialog with OpenWith Enhanced

If you’ve ever encountered a file type that you didn’t know how to open, or if you’ve ever wondered about alternate programs to open a file type other than with the ones on your PC, then check out OpenWith Enhanced. OpenWith Enchanced is a free program that can put the wisdom of the crowd to


Get 21 gigs of free online storage with ZenOK

Update: this article is truncated and obsolete. We DO NOT recommend ZenOK and the claim that it offers 21 gigs of free storage does not seem to be accurate. If you want a free cloud storage service that offers a lot of free storage, check out our article entitled “A comparison of FREE Cloud Storage


Copy any DVD to in two steps with BDLot DVD ISO Master

If you have a DVD you want to copy or rip to your hard disk, the free BDLot DVD ISO Master just might be the easiest way to go about doing it. This software will rip your DVD to the hard disk in the form of an ISO file, and will allow you to burn


Create internet bookmarks as browser-independent files on your desktop with HTMtied

Ever wished you could manage your bookmarks on your desktop as files rather than within any particular browser you may be using? Ever wish you could have these bookmarks be browser independent, rather than associated with specific browsers, and that you could organize these within a browser independent folder structure? If so, then HTMtied is


Five must-have programs for laptops and netbooks

Do you have a laptop or netbook? If so, then check out the following 5 free programs which might prove really useful: AutoSensitivity, Aeorfoil, Touchfreeze, Core Temp, and Prey. Note: this is not a post of must-have general applications; for that check out my Freeware Top 30. Check out my mini review of each of