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How to download the Favicon from any site

Favicons are very small icons that typically display a site’s logo or brand. These are familiar to everyone who has every bookmarked a URL, and can be seen on the browser’s tab for any page you are visiting. If you’ve ever wanted to download the favicon from a website then read on. This post will

PDF preview before and after

Add thumbnail previews to PDF files in Windows with PDF Preview

Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the first things most people install on a computer, but one thing which I do not understand is why it does not offer the option for thumbnail previews in Windows (other free PDF readers, such as PDF XChange Viewer, offer this by default). If you use Adobe PDF Reader

Windows 7 enhancements illustration

Two free programs that can enhance Windows 7 or 8: AniExplorer and Folder Options X

Windows 7 is quite good, but there are certain things that can be better about it. For example, you may have tried to rearrange the icons in a folder manually and found, to your surprise, that you can’t. Or perhaps you tried to filter your files by size or by date in icon or tile


How to convert anything to anything online, for free (e.g. metrics, units of measurement, icons, etc.)

The internet offers the modern human a multitude of options that previous generations didn’t have. According to a friend of mine, one of those things is the ability to immediately convert almost anything to anything, online, at one site or using one program or another. While this is probably most useful to people who need


Add thumbnails to all your media files in Windows with Media Preview

We take thumbnails for images and video files for granted in Windows Explorer. Unless, of course, we do not have them. If you have media files that display icons instead of a thumbnail preview, then you probably feel mildly annoyed to say the least. Rest assured: Media Preview is a free, small utility that will


Convert images to icons and vice versa with

If you need to convert PNG, JPG, GIF, or BMP images to ICO icon files, or vice versa, then check out free online service This one is different from many similar services in that it can create a genuine Windows 7 style icon with multiple frames that simultaneously supports the compressed PNG format.

What does a cluttered desktop mean4

What does a cluttered desktop mean?

Is your desktop so frequently cluttered with icons and folders that its hard to find room for new files or projects? Do you wish that your desktop was more organized or that you had more room to breathe? This posting explores some aspects of what a cluttered desktop means. It argues that it is important

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Auto-hide your desktop icons when you don’t need them with AutoHideDesktopIcons

Tired of seeing a cluttered mess of icons on your desktop? Don’t have the time to organize it- for example, using any of the tools discussed in our recent Ten free tools to better organize your desktop icons post? If so then check out AutoHideDesktopIcons, a small app that hides your desktop icons after a period of


Ten free tools to better organize your desktop icons

Studies have found that people with cleaner, tidier desktops live longer. I am joking of course, but ask yourself this: is your desktop too crowded with icons? Do you ever wish for a little bit more room just to fit in a few more files? Are there files and folders doing nothing that were put

MKV thumbnails before and after6

How to add thumbnail previews to MKV video files in Windows

Although the MKV video file format is becoming increasingly more popular, most Windows PC’s will not display thumbnails for MKV files by default, a small esthetic detail which can nonetheless potentially make this otherwise excellent video format less preferable in the eyes of many users. If you would like a quick way to add thumbnails

MobiHandler Screenshot1

Display your Kindle ebook covers as thumbnails in Windows with Mobihandler

I recently wrote about a software that displays image thumbnails rather than icons for all manner of common and obscure image files (here). If this sounds good to you, and if you have ebook files on your computer (esp. Kindle friendly .AZW, .MOBI and .PRC formats) then check out Mobihandler, a free software that will


Add thumbnail previews for a wide range of image types with Sage Thumbs

If you’re like most people, you like to look at a folder full of images and see thumbnail previews rather than icons. Windows explorer will provide previews for the most common image file types in thumbnail view, but not all of them, which is where this software can come in handy. Sage Thumbs can add