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‘Everything’ desktop search gets updated with cool new features

‘Everything’ is the kind of program that every geek loves, and is the first program that I install on every Windows machine. We first reviewed this program in 2009, and after a strange four year hiatus, it is finally being updated again, with beta versions coming out regularly. The beta version I tested ( is


7Files: a file browser with powerful filtering functionality

Do you ever feel like it is sometimes simply too hard to find the files and folders you want in Windows explorer? If so, 7Files is for you. 7Files is a free file browser for Windows that aims to provide a better user experience for working with files and folder. It looks very similar to


Quick Search: super-fast desktop search, similar to “Everything”

Do the words “lightning fast desktop search” seem like a great thing to you? If so, then read on. But first, a bit of context; visit my “Freeware Top 30” page and you will see that the first program on the list is a desktop search program called “Everything”. This is because it provides lightning


“Everything”: small, lightning fast desktop search for NTFS drives

“Everything” is a free, lightning fast file and folder name search program that offers right-click context menu integration. It works with NTFS filesystem hard drives only because it does not scan your hard drive but rather uses the Master File Table of the NTFS volume to build its database. If your hard drive(s) is NTFS