Convert the contents of your clipboard to text or image files with PasteAsFile right-click extension

Every wished you could just right click and paste the contents of your clipboard as a text or image file on your desktop? No? Well now that you’ve heard of the concept, you probably do 😉 PasteAsFile is a Windows extension that adds an entry to your right-click Windows context menu, which can convert the


LetMe Type

LetMe Type is a small program that resides in the system tray, monitors what you type and collects information about your most frequently used words. It will then use this information to provide a little popup window after you type in 2 or 3 characters, containing a range of words to choose from that it can



PhraseExpress is freeware system-tray resident macro engine that can insert user defined text and phrases whenever the user enters a certain text string or presses a hotkey combination. It can also function as a universal spelling checker for commonly misspelled words. This program automates the insertion of phrases that are often used into any application. Here



PureText is a small app that runs in the background and provides the functionality of pasting whatever was copied into the clipboard (using a user-definable hotkey) as simple text without any of the formatting of the original. There are 2 kinds of people who will read this; the first group will be wondering why anybody