InfraRecorder: a simple windows utility to burn CDs and DVDs

Do you save most of your data on CD/DVD? Are you looking for a perfect CD/DVD burning tool? Infrarecorder is the perfect solution to cope up with this problem. Most CD/DVD burner software’s are heavy and they at times use a lot of system resources as well. InfraRecorder is a light weight application for Windows


Create, copy, convert and extract ISO disc images for free with the ISO toolkit

The ISO Toolkit is a great little freeware program that allows you to do nearly anything you want with disk images, including creating ISO images, copying ISO image from CD/DVD, converting ISO, NRG, CUE images, extracting content of ISO, NRG, BIN and CUE images, mounting ISO, NRG, BIN and CUE images and burning ISO image


Linux Live USB Creator: install Linux on a bootable USB, or run it from within Windows itself

Linux Live USB Creator is a free, open source program that installs any .ISO file to a bootable USB drive. It offers built in support for a large number of Live CD tools, including a wide range of Linux distros (200+) and a wide variety of other OS’s and other tools. It will even optionally


Copy any DVD to in two steps with BDLot DVD ISO Master

If you have a DVD you want to copy or rip to your hard disk, the free BDLot DVD ISO Master just might be the easiest way to go about doing it. This software will rip your DVD to the hard disk in the form of an ISO file, and will allow you to burn


Free Giveaway: BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate V2

If you need a software that can backup your DVDs, remove all known copy protections, and/or save DVD tracks as video files that can be played on your PC or handheld device then check out BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate V2. This software is being given away 100% free till Aug 1st 2011. Find the download


UNetbootin: create a bootable Linux USB with a single click

UNetbootin (Universal Netboot Installer) is a small, free, cross platform app that can download and install Linux (or other operating system) on a bootable USB drive or a hard drive partition. It supports a wide range of Linux builds (25+ and growing) out of the box that it will automatically download from the net, or


Explore and Burn: burn files and folders from the right-click context menu

Explore&Burn is a free app that allows you to burn to files to CD/DVD right from the Windows explorer context menu. It can burn disk image files (ISO, IMG) as well as any file type to a wide range of disc types (including Dual Layer DVD’s). Supports single-session and multi-session discs with ISO-9660, Joliet and


Totally free burner: simple yet powerful CD/DVD burning

Totally Free Burner is a CD/DVD burner with a nice, minimalistic interface and an excellent range of features. A nice surprise, this one. Totally Free Burner offers a set of features that will cover most people’s CD/DVD burning needs. It also offers a sleek design and nice look-and-feel as an added bonus. Here are more notes


Shrink DVDs down to size with Amok DVD Shrinker

Amok DVD Shrinker is a free program that can compress decrypted DVDs to smaller, user-defined disk sizes without any noticeable reduction in quality. It is designed to enable the copying of commercial DVDs stored on nonstandard media in order to fit them on a standard 4.7 gig writable DVD. Imagine the following scenario: you’ve just


BurnAware is a simple, lightweight CD/DVD burning program with a nice set of features

BurnAware Free Edition is a free CD/DVD burning software with a small footrprint that can write to a wide range of CD/DVD media types including Blu-Ray; write Audio CDs and DVD-Video files. Aside from writing/verifying data CDs it can also create audio CDs from music files and burn data and video DVDs as well as


DVD43 is a program that runs in the background and decrypts copy-protected DVD’s on the fly. It has the effect of making a DVD unrestricted and region free, allowing for simple copying of files to your hard drive within the Windows file system and/or unrestricted access to the DVD by third party software. It will



Handbrake is a free program that can convert DVD’s or VOB files into video files. Supported containers are: MP4/M4V (for Ipod), AVI, OGM, and MKV, while supported video encoders are Xvid, H264, and Mpeg4. Handbrake has established a reputation as being a 1-click solution for converting DVDs to Ipod video format (MP4/M4V), but it can