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Backup and restore Windows’ registry and user profiles with’s Registry Backup

There are many ways to protect your system. You could use Windows’ internal ‘system restore’, for example, or you could make backup images of your system partition. Another way to protect your system would be to backup your registry (and user profiles) and restore them when you need to, and which has the advantage of


Do copy acceleration utilities actually lower file transfer speeds? Our tests say yes

We’ve featured several file copy acceleration utilities on this site. Recently, however, we went in and did a head-to-head test to discover which of the many free options was the best at increasing copying speed. The results surprised us greatly: all of the tools we tested actually took longer for the file transfer than Windows


Scan and fix common problems with FixBee for Windows

FixBee is a free compact tool that offers a two-pronged approach to system optimization. Firstly, it will analyze the state of you hard drive’s defragmentation, and offer a fix. Secondly, it offers a disk cleanup, finding and removing unnecessary leftover junk files, all packaged in a rather nice and stylish program interface. Your computer, just


Monitor your hard drive’s health and get customized warnings with Acronis Drive Monitor

Acronis Drive Monitor is a helpful utility that will warn you before your hard drive dies, and help you manage other aspects of your hard drive’s health. It’s free, exceptionally easy to use, and unobtrusive. One of the few things in the world that is certain, to paraphrase the Acronis web site, is that your


Make your PC faster for games or demanding applications, with Jetboost

Consider the PC that you are using right this minute. Chances are there are apps, services, and processes that are running in the background that you do not need right now, that you seldom ever really need, or that you do not really need at all. Jetboost is NOT intended to help you identify these,


Optimize and maintain your SSD drive with SSD Fresh

If you own a Solid State Drive (SSD), you may be interested to know that there are specific settings that you could use to optimize and enhance it’s performance, and, more interestingly, that many of the practices common to maintaining and optimizing regular drives are unnecessary with SSD drives. For example, did you know that


Increase the frame rate and speed of your games with Game Booster 3

Game Booster 3 (GB3) is free a program from IOBit software that will help you maximize the performance of your PC while playing almost any game. It’s very easy to use, and can help most computers, old or new, by devoting maximum resources to the game instead of wasting them on unnecessary programs and processes


Repair many common problems easily with’s Windows Repair tool’s Windows Repair Tool (WRT) is a free program (for For Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 & 7 32 or 64 bit) that will easily and quickly repair a multitude of common issues on your operating system. Conceived with a vision to have “a repair tool that can save someone from having to do a

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How healthy is your disk? Find out with CrystalDiskInfo

A computer’s performance can be affected severely by a hard disk with declining health. That being the case, it is a little odd to think of a hard disk in terms of health, more so when it is “declining.” Typically in the grand scheme of modern transistor-based electronics, devices just simply dieand do not give


Intercept changes to your startup folder with StartupEye

Tired of programs adding themselves to your Windows startup, or making changes to your system’s registry? Then check out StartupEye, a program that lives in the background and alerts you whenever other programs try to add (or remove) entries to the startup folder and/or registry, and optionally upload and scan these programs using VirusTotal. StartupEye


Two tips to make your computer run faster

We all know that sinking feeling… the computer that used to spring to life in a few seconds seems to take forever grinding its way to a reasonable state of usability. No doubt you will have searched for an answer and found the usual tips about uninstalling unnecessary programs, especially those that start automatically. What


Oolauncher: take complete control of your startup programs’ loading order, time delay, etc.

Ever wished you could determine the order in which your items are loaded on startup, or the priority, or to set specific time delays before some programs launch, or specify the window state upon launch (e.g. minimized, hidden), or to load some items only when the PC is idle, etc. Oolauncher is a free program