Two great FREE ways to enhance your YouTube browsing

YouTube Preview and ViewTubeare two great, free Chrome extensions that will enhance your YouTube browsing and viewing experience. They are both must haves for anyone who spends even a moderate amount of time viewing or exploring YouTube videos. I admit it: I do a lot of watching online videos. I don’t get out of the


Convert Facebook and Twitter into a blog automatically with Mild Free

Mild (Free version) is a social networking tool that will take your Facebook or Twitter account and publish it into a blog format, with it’s own publicly accessible URL. You can then share the resulting blog as you choose, by publicizing the URL or sending the link to friends, etc. If you’re one of the


Two FREE tools to grab images in batch from any website: OWIDIG and ‘Image Collector Extension’ for Chrome

Ever wanted to download multiple images images from a page all at once? There are a number of good utilities out there for this purpose, and this post will present two of them:(1) OWIDIG (Online Webpage Image Downloader and Image Grabber) is a free online service that will process any URL that you throw at


Publish your very own image surveys on Facebook, Twitter, or your own website with Survey Legend Free

Survey Legend is a fun online service that will let you create your own image-basedsurveys. You can share them on your website, on your Facebook page, or share a link to your survey on Twitter when you’re done, and view the results in real time when people answer them. The Internet is offering cookie cutter


Two free web apps for book lovers: ‘Goodreads’ and ‘Findings’

If you love books then check out these two FREE services. Goodreads is a book recommendation engine that provides reviews created by by fellow readers, and can also connect you with your book-loving Facebook friends, enabling you to browse what they are reading and check out their opinion(s). Findings, on the other hand, enables you


Display and share your memories on a virtual timeline with Memolane

Memolane is a nifty free website that allows you to create and edit your own walks down “memory lane” with images and text. Designed to work with Facebook and many other social media and networking sites, and totally free to use, it can expand your internet social presence and provide a great way to photo/scrap

Unfriend Finder Screenshot

Know who unfriended you on Facebook with Unfriend Finder

Have you ever looked at your friends list only to be horrified at some of the people (distant acquaintances, old coworkers that you never liked in the first place, or even people who you outright do not know) — that get to see your updates? Well, that’s precisely what the ‘unfriend’ function in Facebook is screenshot

Send short voice messages on Twitter, Facebook, or email with

With all the text messages glutting up the internet, why not ‘make yourself heard’ by sending a short voice message instead. You can do this with, a free text-to-speech tool that can encode your message into the URL, such that all you need to do is share or send it (or a shortened version


Study almost any subject online with others for free with OpenStudy

OpenStudy is a free web site that helps you connect with other people on the Internet to help you study online via Q&A. It is possibly one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time, because it is so simple and powerful in both concept and design. There’s a lot of free


Four FREE apps that can transform how you read the news

With the explosion of information and news sources that is the hallmark of the internet, application developers are coming up with creative ways to browse and read the news, adding functions such as customization, Geo-mapping, and social sharing and discovery to your reading experience, just to name a few. Moreover, if you subscribe to RSS


Get GTA style flash action with Crime City

While there is very little interaction with driving per se, Crime City is still one of my favorite browser games because it is very similar to Grand Theft Auto, but in an isometric view and with campy, cartoonish graphics. The controls are very easy, there are tons of social options of course, and the game